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  • 7 年前

    1.我們坐在教室前的走廊,聊著最近生活的大小事,抱怨社團李某人的不合作,分享個班上課的狀況,還有一些只有彼此才懂的心情。 We sat in the hallway in front ofthe classroom, chatting about the things, important or otherwise,(輕重不等/大小事) in our life recently. We complained against a certain Lee in the society who was uncooperative. We shared the happenings in class with each other and the mood (feelings) that only we ourselves could understood. * complain to somebody/about something/against somebody 2.他先是給我一個苦澀的微笑,然後讓我驚訝的是,他伸出了手,說會牽著我走過一輩子。 First, he gave me a bitter smile,and then to my surprise, he held out his hand and (he) said he would keep me company(陪伴我) to go through the whole life (to the end of our life). (走過一輩子) 3. 有一道光從身後打來,愈靠愈近,把前方的路人臉照得發白。There came a light from behind, getting closer and closer. It (The light) shone on the faces of the passers-by and made them (their faces) look pale (white).

  • 7 年前

    1, we were sitting in the corridor in front of the classroom, talking life size thing this, blame societies a person's lack of cooperation, shared classes, some only know each other's mood.2, he was giving me a bitter smile, and then surprised me was, he stretched out his hand, and that will take me through my whole life.3, there is a ray of light coming from behind, the more closer, white face came out in front of passers-by.

  • 7 年前

    1. 我們坐在教室前的走廊,聊著最近生活的大小事,抱怨社團李某人的不合作,分享個班上課的狀況,還有一些只有彼此才懂的心情。

    We sat in a corridor in front of the classroom, chatting about some trivial things of our life lately, complaining about somebody Lee of the other community was

    uncooperative. We were sharing with some matters happened in the class, and

    those things we could feel the same and understand each other.

    2. 他先是給我一個苦澀的微笑,然後讓我驚訝的是,他伸出了手,說會牽著我走過一輩子。 He showed me with a bitter smile first, then to have surprised me, he held his

    hand out, and said he would hold my hand to go along for a whole life. 3. 有一道光從身後打來,愈靠愈近,把前方的路人臉照得發白。

    There was a ray of light reflected from behind, getting closer and closer, it shone on the faces of the passers coming along to be the pale white.

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