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    Here you go,

    1,無論你我都有彆扭的不知道如何傳達自己心情的時候,小則與情人告白,大則犯了嚴重的錯誤卻不敢與老板開口。We all have those awkward moments when we are at a loss for words to properly express our feeling –occasions as minor as confessing to the loved one; or as major as avoiding the boss for the big mistakes we made. 2,我們應該要坦然地面對別人也有和我們不一樣的時候,適度地接納身邊的人的優缺點,然後明白比起都不犯錯的聖人,我們更需要家人般堅固的友情。We should boldly face the fact that people are not all alike; and that we should properly accept them as they are. Let us be aware that, comparing to inerrant saints, we are in much greater need for strong friendship from our family. 3,那一天,發生了一件足以改變我們的關係的事情,不但提升了我對妳的信任,更讓我看到在你眼裡,也有著對這段關係堅定不移地確信。On that day when that relationship-altering event took place, my trust for you took a leap. Furthermore, it also allowed me to see in your eyes the same unshakeable faith in this relationship. 4,你讓我願意相信人群,相信你會永遠在我身邊,你讓我找到生命中最重要的美好時光,就是有一個人願意無條件信任我。I have made me a believer of people,and that you will always be with me. You made it possible for me to find the best times in my life, that someone is willing to trust me unconditionally. 5,我淘氣得吐舌,說了句膚淺的話,氣的對桌的男人顫抖地說再也不要理我I was so utterly clueless, and said something really shallow, even as to make the man across the table tremble in rage, and refuse to talk to me any further.

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    1, you and I both have awkward when I don't know how to convey their feelings, little lover's confession, you have committed a serious error, be unable to speak with the boss.2, we should have to face the people and when we don't, gracefully accepted the advantages and disadvantages of the people around and understand than infallible Saints, we need more family-like solid friendship.3, the day happened enough to change things in our relationship, not only improves my trust in you, I see in your eyes, is also firmly convinced that this relationship.4, you make me want to believe that the crowd, I believe you are always on my side, you find most important in life of the good times, someone is willing to trust me unconditionally.5, naughty tongue, says something superficial, gas man tremble at the table to say never talk to me

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    Melancholy 我覺得你的中文好像是從英文翻譯過來的,而且翻得很英文,現在又要把它翻回英文,你是不是要看翻回去的英文跟原來的英文差別有多大?哈哈。

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  • 蕙安
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    Melancholy: 因為我覺得我的問題字很多不好意思,就直接送二十點了,謝謝^_^

    TOMING88: 20 points dishonored yet be sympathetic!

    Excuse me...沒有任何冒犯的意思,只是我腦袋怎麼轉都轉不出來,請路過的專家們中譯TOMING88先生的這句話好嗎?


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    20 points dishonored yet be sympathetic!

    (1)We shared no matter how shameful my expression to my love or to my serious Boss!

    (2)Accept others what we've accept ourselves in their worsen points with strong friendship than the Holy Saints.

    (3)Taken by surprise on that incident, you were trusted and union implied for our friendship.

    (4)Taken by trustworthy unconditionally, you stood beside with my trusting to the crowd in decisive hours.

    (5)Having scolded with simple naive,the little man opposing me watched shattered away from me!

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