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物理 - 有關聲音干涉

我是讀文科的, 不太明白以下物理現象

以下有關聲音干涉 影片看完了, 但仍有問題

就是為什麼它說當microphone移到兩個喇叭的中間, 聲波就會抵消, 但我的耳朵為什麼聽不出有任何變化?

或許我連最基本的知識都不知道, 請見諒, 請指點 !!



如你所說, 正常及完備情況底下應該聽到? 請問如video所示, 兩個聲波互相抵消的話, 情況是否沒有聲?

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understood ! sound will disappear !

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  • 天同
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    8 年前

    I suppose the microphone is only connected to the CRO, and it is not connected to another louspeaker/earphone, enabling you to hear what sound is caught by the microphone.

    You could not hear the interference effect is simply because your ears are not in the same position of the microphone. At your position, sound produced by the two loudspeakers (that are connected to the function generator) may not cause complete destructive interference. Hence, you only hear sound with a certain loudness.