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請問高手們可以幫我修改看看嗎?? 我覺得........................不是很OK!!

請幫我看哪裡該修改的 謝謝你們

My name is YI-CHING, Naomi is my English name. And I was born in October, 1988, in Chiayi city. When I was ten, our family, made up of my father and sister moved to Kaohsiung. I am from single parent family, so my father teach us, to become a independent, self-consious and should have a sense of responsibility person, and I Keep in mind.

After graduating from vocational high school, I have been a different job, I gained many priceless experiences in service industry, and negotiation skills improved a great deal. Work that I am interested in oneself is always full of cordiality, once determine to participate in any affairs, it is sure to go all out. From group's cooperative experience, I find too the partner has very great impact on me. So, the way that I have learnt to advance and retreat between men is more interested to put into the work of the group too. Link up ability to enable me to establish and maintain the good relation among customers well in the past working experience, expect oneself to have better behavior in different fields in the future too.

I expect that there are different challenges on the work in the future, expect to move ahead in the fields of all trades and professions in the future too, make some contribution to society, hope your company can give me a chance, I must go all out!

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    My Chinese name is YI-CHING.

    And please call me by my English name, Naomi.

    I was born in October, 1988, in Chia-Yi City.

    When I was ten, our family, made up of my father, my sister, and I moved to Kaohsiung City.

    Although coming from a single parent family, my father has never cease to encouraged us, to become more independent, self-conscious, and be responsible. And that is exactly what I am today, a responsible and independent individual.

    After graduating from a vocational high school years ago, I have worked various positions in customer service field. With each job, I have gained some priceless experiences, i.e., my negotiation skills have been improved quite a bit.

    I am very passionate about what I do at work. Better yet, the advantage of being a girl with very pleasant personality, I have maintained a very good relations with our customers in the past and presently. I am also a team player and get along with all my co-work very well. As for teamwork, I realize, from working with others, I, too, benefited from their work experience.

    Currently I am looking for career advancement and I am strongly believe that I will succeed in my career if I am given the opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.


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    My Chinese name is Yi-Ching.

    ...with all my co-works

    參考資料: me, Thank you, Yung-Tsai 大師
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    My Chinese name is Yi-Ching.