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which 和 that 用法

如題 有一題英文想了很久,也上網爬了很多文,但還是不太清楚

題目:Government groups have launched a scheme ___ children can eat breakfast at school. (A)that (B)which (C)where 答案是C但我有點不明白, 我知道where可以看成in which但這樣翻我有點不清楚in後面的受詞是什麼,還有A爲什麼不能選 謝謝

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  • 8 年前

    How about you look at the sentence this way:

    Government groups have launched a scheme at school where children can eat breakfast.

    2013-05-01 01:21:50 補充:

    "at school" is a preposition phrase, used as an adverb to describe "launched"

    as you have said, "where" = "in which", then

    where children can eat breakfast = in school children can eat breakfast.

    2013-05-01 01:24:20 補充:

    if you use "that", then it will become:

    "that children eat breakfast", it doesn't sound right. Yes, it does can explain grammatically, but I think it is better you get a feeling why it doesn't sound right.

    2013-05-01 01:26:05 補充:

    I can explain it to you in grammar term, but if you don't have the feeling with English, you cannot apply that grammar rule when the sentence changes. I would rather just point out the key issue without going into grammar.

    2013-05-01 01:27:22 補充:

    typo! it does can explain... ===> It can be explained ...

    2013-05-01 01:29:55 補充:

    I was going to say, "Grammar does explain why". That is why I have "can" and "does" in my typing.

    2013-05-01 01:38:14 補充:

    if you use "that", you have to say:

    ... at school that/which children eat breakfast "in"

    = ... at school where children eat breakfast

    2013-05-01 01:43:33 補充:

    that is:

    in which = where


    "in that" is NOT equal to "that"

    By the way, sometimes

    "in that" = because

    2013-05-01 01:45:55 補充:

    for example:

    Rise in interest rate can cause Japan's economy to slowdown, in that (=because) it makes borrowing and investment more expensive and discourages people to "borrow and buy".

    2013-05-01 01:46:35 補充:

    however, the above sentence is better to be written as:

    A rise in interest rates can cause Japan's economy to slow down, by making borrowing and investment more expensive and discouraging people to "borrow and buy."

    2013-05-01 01:47:11 補充:

    Now, you can see, grammar in this case can play very little role !!!