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Description of a new concept?

How does Taiwanese (or Chinese, if you will, as human language) facilitate the creation, by very smart inventors in Taiwan of course, and the importation of a new concept from other foreign languages?

1. What is (are) the mechanism that ordinary people or private parties use to do this?

2. What is (are) the procedure that the officials (of the political system) use to do this?


I don't think TOMIN88 understood my question so I will give an example here.

In French, there is a "concept" called Deja Vu that will probably take a few paragraphs to explain in TW.

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However, if you want to make this concept very popular in TW, a short TW word/term/phrase may be called for.

1. what if you are a private party first observing such need

2. what if you are a political leader first seeing such need

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What is (are) the process for you to create new word/term/phrase in TW?

what is the process to be accepted as legit part of the language?

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Dude, my question, again, is not asking for examples but how does create new word/term/phrase and the process to make it accepted... Giving example is fine but only as part of the deliberation please.

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    ----The description of a new concept(in Taiwan)------

    (1)Private parties can apply general notion+5 senses ,thought of an idea,a plan and creat successfully with financial reward.

    In political system they can apply a class of objects,a group of minds,civil servants etc. to have an invention against China.

    (2)Private parties can create great literature,drama,poetry,languages(including Chinese languages) in thought or imagination to create something new fluently,since Chinese is their Fluently Languages.....Political systems can create a rank to citizens, civilians,aborigines by law and orders.Also create an army to fight against China across the straits to produce out of nothing,since this is political system.


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  • 蕙安
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    A: 哈哈哈,C球賽打輸了耶,我們一起去笑他。

    B: A你那麼機車不怕被騎走喔?


    D: 領薪水齁?請客請客!

    E: 喂,你很機耶,你又不是不知道我快窮死了。

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  • 7 年前

    First I would like to know how the phrase "機車" came about?

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  • 7 年前

    To help p26535, I guess a translation of her sentences would be like:

    What is (are) the process for you to create new word/term/phrase in TW?


    what is the process to be accepted as legit part of the language?


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  • 7 年前

    Too bad, my dissertation is not related to that, otherwise, I would like to contribute a little to yours.

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  • 7 年前

    Yes, once the priest answered my question, I will have my 3rd PhD degree within reach. Or are they too tough to even the priest?

    2013-05-01 06:57:05 補充:

    Anyway - my actual PhD dissertation title is "the death of a language, and a culture"

    2013-05-01 08:09:07 補充:

    But melon soup has been a great helper!

    2013-05-02 11:08:19 補充:

    Thanks for the big help from big Paul

    2013-05-04 00:24:23 補充:

    What does it mean anyway?

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  • 7 年前

    Are those questions or thesis titles?

    2013-05-02 21:19:15 補充:

    I can't answer questions that require thinking...

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