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Camilla 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前


請不要用翻譯機,謝謝 ~急需用

故事描述一名遭霸凌的少年,被全班同學視為祭品獻給罷凌者,而導致死亡。諷刺的是,耶穌的死亡拯救了千萬的罪人,但少年的死, 卻只能使活著的人從此背上沉重的十字架,沒有放下的一日。


因為如刀似箭的話語,就像一刀插在你的胸口上,說不定就這樣一刀斃命,而最痛的也只有被刺中的瞬間。但如十字般的話語就不同了,會逼得你不得不背負著它往前走 ,而只要你還繼續往前走、繼續活著,就得永遠背負著這樣的話語。

這本書適合推薦給在校園霸凌事件中屬於旁觀者角色的人。因為一個旁觀者可說是扮演的淋漓盡致。因為不關我的事,什麼也不關心,卻是比加害者還要卑劣的慢性毒藥。 我不是一個被霸凌的受害者,也沒能力 做一個霸凌他人的加害者。 而真正有錯的人是誰呢?

在許多霸凌 事件中,誰才是比加害者更為卑劣的人?

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  • 7 年前

    Stories described a juvenile who has been bullied, was considered the class offerings dedicated to the ice, leading to death. The irony is, the death of Jesus has saved every sinner, but young's death, only to live should take up a heavy cross, there is no drop day.

    Word of censure either. A discourse is like a knife like arrows; another is like the cross-word.Because words like a knife like arrow, like a knife in your chest, maybe that's a knife killed, and the pain of being stabbed in an instant. But like the cross-talk is different, you have to carry it forward will have to make, and as long as you continue to move forward, to continue to live, always saddled with this kind of discourse.

    This book is suited to be recommended to school bullying people belonging to a spectator role in the event. Because a bystander could be said to be played out. Because it's none of my business, and don't care about anything, it is despicable than perpetrators of slow-acting poison. I'm not a victim of bullying, won ' t be able to do the perpetrators of bullying others. While the real guilty people who do?

    In many of the bullying incident, who is more despicable than the perpetrators who?

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  • 蕙安
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    7 年前



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  • Shuang
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    The story of a boy, was bullying by classmates as a sacrifice to lead to which may cause death. Ironically, the death of Jesus to save tens of millions of sinners, but the boy's death, but only make a living from the back of a heavy cross, did not lay down for the day.

    There are two words of censure. Discourse is like a knife like an arrow; another is like cross words.

    Discourse like a knife like an arrow, like a knife inserted in your chest, maybe this knife killed the most painful and only stabbed the moment. Cross words, forcing you to have to bear it forward, as long as you continue to move forward and continue to live, you have to always burdened with these words.

    This book is recommended for people who belong to a bystander's role in the bullying incident. Because a bystander can play vividly. Because it is not none of my business, do not care about anything, the perpetrators but also meanful for slow poison. I am not a victim of bullying, there is no ability to do a perpetrator of bullying others. And who is really wrong?

    In many bullying, who is more despicable than the perpetrators?

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