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可以幫我找出任五個包含形容詞子句的句子,並標示其所在以及所形容的名詞。例:Here in this country, there is often a focus on group activities in class (where students learn to cooperate with each other and be less dependent on the teacher. )括弧處為形容詞子句,而粗體字部份為先行詞。

Hong Kong is a favorite shopping destination for people form all over theworld. You can get anything(you want in Hong Kong). If you are looking for the bestchina from the Ching Dynasty, antique furniture from the Victorian period, the latest piece of electronic equipment, or inexpensive embroidered clothing, Hong Kong is the place to shop. It is also easy to shop in Hong Kong. If you are looking for jewelry, you can go to the Jade Market. If you want to buy clothes, there is the Ladies Clothing Market just off Nathan Road in kowloon. If you don't feel like running all over the city to go to the different markets, you can do one-stop shopping at one of the modern shopping malls, like the Pacific Place on Hong Kong Island.Another reason(Hong Kong is a shoppers' paradise)is because transportation isso easy. Shoppers can walk safely in any area. If they want to go to another place, they have several choices. The driver of the red and white cabs are usually kind and helpful. Most taxi drivers speak some English, so a foreign shopper doesn't have to worry about speaking perfect Chinese. The bright red yellow and blue buses have

the destinations clearly marked. The bus stops give details about the routes so shoppers have a good idea where each bus will take them. Because there are plenty of buses running at all hours of the day and night, shoppers seldom have a long wait

for the next bus to come. Finally, the Mass Rapid Transit(MRT) is very easy to use.


The underground stations are clean and well-lit. Shoppers can fell safe any time of

the day or night. These subway trains also run very often, usually there is less than a

five minute wait between trains.

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    先行詞/ 形容詞子句(或片語)

    1. Anything/ you want in Hong Kong

    2. Another reason/ Hong Kong is a shoppers' paradise

    3. the destinations/ clearly marked

    4. a good idea/ where each bus will take them

    5. plenty of buses/ running at all hours of the day and night