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重組句子(because of)

The air is polluted. He has coughed a lot these days.

(1) Becaue of the polluted air, he has coughed a lot these days.

(2) Because of the air pollution, he has coughed a lot these days.

the polluted air 和 the air pollution 一樣嗎.

如果可以用the air pollution, 沒有the 可以嗎?! THZ


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thx for ur ans, but i still don't understand what's different between polluted air and air pollution. all means that the air is polluted, ain't it right?

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    "polluted air" and "air pollution" are not the same thing.

    "polluted air" means "air is NOT clean due to outside pollutant". That is why it used a passive voice (polluted).

    "air pollution" means "a type of pollution that exists in the air". We also have water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, radioactive pollution, thermal pollution, light pollution, visual pollution, personal pollution.

    如果可以用the air pollution, 沒有the 可以嗎?!

    Certainly, but it will change a specific pollution into a non-specific one.

    For example "the air pollution" might be from vehicle specifically. When you remove "the", then air pollution can be any type, for example: manufacturing, forest fire, volcano eruption ....

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    manufacturing ==> manufacturing exhaust

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    By the way,

    "polluted air", "polluted" is used as an adjective to describe air.

    "air pollution" is two nouns combined noun. However, "air" is treated as an adjective to describe "pollution.

    2013-05-14 01:13:38 補充:

    polluted air =不乾淨的空氣,由於外界的污染物

    air pollution = 一種空氣中污染的類型

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    air pollution = 一種空氣中污染的類型

    ==> 一種在空氣中污染的類型. 關鍵的一點是污染, 表示和空氣相關的污染

    polluted air =不乾淨的空氣,由於外界的污染物. 關鍵的一點是空氣, "polluted" 是用來描述 "air", 表示被污染的空氣.

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    此句的air pollution應該不需要加定冠詞the,因為無特定關係。