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  • 7 年前

    Although our government and president is a wimp, but are those war cry yellers aware of consequences of war? Calling war is really just cheap talk. Taiwan is a small country and I doubt many will carry real action and lay their bodies down for such justice of one person. Would cheap talkers take responsibility of the consequence they cause?

    There are so many people complain about bad economic but they never take action to improve the economic. Taiwan is not a resourceful country and we are losing our only competitiveness of hard working. And yet we blame everyone else but ourselves, disregarding the macro economic trend.

    What is wrong with these guys?

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  • 7 年前

    While our government with the president really soft tofu, but those clamoring for war think of the seriousness of it? Simply just shouting burn ", Taiwan on this little bit big, it is willing to have several heroic sacrifice?really hit will cause much influence you to bear?

    There is also a daily time complaining about how bad the economy, why not take the time to think about how to make more money? The innate strength even the day after tomorrow not efforts to blame? The environment has been made ​​clear that it was so.

    How these people

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