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    ---A Translation of an English Essay from C/E. What's C/E ?----

    -----There are five members in my family with parents,and two sieters.

    -----My parents are tourist guides and team leaders. When they are running their business abroad,my two sisters are responsible to instruct and discipline me strictly. Then they let us learn and know that our vision cannot lie in Taiwan but be international. English is the universal language which will help form our future prospects. They often bring home some exotic and wonderful culture to share with us. Having aroused a high interest in languages, it is why I read the Dept. of English Studies in Taiwan University!

    -----Under the influence of my parents, I love to travel and have an outgoing attitude. In holidays I like travelling and jogging in Parks or going other places. Inspired by jogging in parks or travels, I like painting and the natural environment as my spare-time hobby which are full of recreational colors and amateur interests !

    ------Due to their work, my parents do not often stay at home, so my personality is comparatively independent and don't let people try to worry about me; but will actively care for them instead. When friends are sad, I always comfort them with my sincere viewpoints. I like to challenge myself on more difficult things with my more fighting and struggling attitude. When I had reached my target, I had a sense of achievement which often put myself very tired instead. I also like teamwork cooperation, not as the leading figure, but as idea-inspiring figure.


  • 8 年前

    There are five members of my family, parents, and two sisters.I parents are is Guide and leader, dang I when they on to abroad run, so most by I two a sister to discipline I, due to I parents are is Guide and leader, so they on we of education is strictly, they let we know vision cannot only in Taiwan, to has internationalization, English is world common language, more learning a language on themselves future will has is large of help, not only so, they often with some abroad culture Shang of interesting of thing to with we share or some strange of things, and to understanding these things, Also had a great interest in language, which is why in the future, I will read the British cause.

    Under the influence of my parents, I love to travel and have an outing around always holiday trip to the Park to jog or go to other places. I like painting, I like nature, often inspired by jogging in the park or while you travel, for the great interest in the color of nature.

    Due to work so grew up parents not often stay home, so I of personality comparison independent, not like to people worry about, but I will Active care others, in friends sad Shi I always is sincere to to they views, and I like challenge themselves, more difficulties of thing more can fired I fight, reached target Hou, such will with to I is large of achievements sense, so often put themselves version of is tired, I also like team cooperation, I not like pledge, so in team cooperation Shi I always to recommends of people.