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"pi-faced" means?

First let's rewind - while the term 'troll' is a catch-all umbrella for abusive and unwelcome behavior online, it hasn't always meant that. Rather, a troll was someone who peppered online conversations with questions or comments designed to trap unsuspecting newcomers into silly mistakes, or pi-faced explanations of things they already knew. They'd been lured. They'd been trolled.

*what's "pi-faced"? something to do with math?


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  • Ed
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    To understand pi-faced, you need to understand Raspberry Pi first. Raspberry Pi is a credit sized circuit board functioning as a computer. Pi-Face is an interface (a hardware) plugged into Raspberry Pi to allow it (or you) to sense and control the real world. For example, one Pi face can turn on or off a switch based on the sensed light, temperature, etc.

    So being Pi-faced means being used like a Pi-face to sense and control the real world events.

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    Raspberry Pi 是一種信用卡大小、具有電腦功能的PC板。Pi-Face是插入Raspberry Pi的硬體裝置,用來偵測外部世界數據,如溫度、亮度等等,並介由電腦程式來控制外界,如電扇,電燈的開關等等。

    Pi-faced 引申為「被利用」作為測試並操控外界的工具。

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    Raspberry Pi is a credit sized circuit board... 應該是

    Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized circuit board...

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