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Edaw 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

break away的用法這樣是否合理呢?

To break away pain from my life.





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其實我比較想知道,「讓痛苦(pain or weakness)從我的人生中被剃除」要用哪種動詞或片與比較好。


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  • 7 年前

    break away比較是:分離/脫離的用法


    我建議把break away改成take away


    2013-06-01 11:49:15 補充:


    let me escape from pain

    這比較好*let me be rid of pain

    這也不錯*Rid me of my pain/weakness

    Release the pains/weaknesses in my life


  • 7 年前

    Let me free from pain.

    free 自由的, 不受拘束的

    be free from 没有危險,痛苦等討厭的事

    pain n. 痛苦


    break away 有很多意思, 列出一些給你參考

    1. (在兢賽中) 搶先開始;搶步

    2. 突然離去;逃走

    The prisoner broke away from the soldiers. 那犯人在士兵監視中逃走.

    3. 突然改變

    4. 脫離;放棄;革除

    Can't you break away from your bad habits? 你不能改掉你的壞習慣嗎?

    break away 的用法在你的句子中比較不恰當.

    參考資料: 遠東實用英漢辭典
  • 呆子
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    7 年前

    To release pain from my life.

    break away :逃脫

    He breaks away from the jail.

    2013-05-30 15:34:17 補充:

    Take pain away from my life.

  • Edaw
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    7 年前

    Thank you!

    I love "relieve" to substitute for "break from".

    But how to use "break from" in a correct way?

    Placebo? Why is that?

    2013-05-30 08:35:28 補充:

    I checked it. It seems like some kind of mental cure.

    Are you going to explain?

    Or you are just telling me to be a doc?

    2013-05-30 09:22:03 補充:

    well...I don't get your punch line XD

    2013-05-30 12:27:56 補充:

    No. I mean I don't get the placebo part and neither does my Canadian friend.

    Seriously, why placebo?

    Is that a compliment or something more meaningful?

    2013-05-30 18:44:10 補充:

    That's...really profound.

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  • 7 年前

    break away 有突然掙脫; 突然離開;與...決裂;從...退出




    Let me escape from the torture/pain of my life.

    to release my pain of life

    參考資料: 自己 (僅供參考 )
  • 7 年前

    These are better:

    To make my life less painful...

    To relieve me from pains...

    Dude, you are my panacea (or placebo)...

    2013-05-30 01:04:23 補充:

    You need to be a doc to know what placebo is.

    2013-05-30 08:52:26 補充:

    I don't mind you being a physician at all, but just not mine.

    2013-05-30 11:20:58 補充:

    I meant - as long as you are not my doctor, knock yourself out being a doctor or nurse or both...

    2013-05-30 18:10:02 補充:

    >> “Dude, you are my panacea (or placebo)..

    If you can bring relief to pain, you must be either panacea or placebo.

    As simple as that.