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action and motion

Dear all:

Can anyone tell me the difference between action and motion ? It is mentioned in kinetic acceleration of acceleration sensor.

Please help and advise! Thanks!

sincerely yours


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    The simple way to distinguish "motion" and "action" is:

    "motion" is a process

    "action" is the actual doing

    In a word, moving doesn't necessarily mean making a move !

    In kinetic, it based upon Newton's 3 laws of motion to study the relationship between motion and force (action):

    The 1st law (law of inertia) says, if the total external force is zero, then whatever is moving will move at a constant velocity, otherwise, it will stay motionless. In this law, it talks about motion.

    The 2nd law says, if the total external force is NOT zero, then the object will move with an acceleration proportional to the force. It talks about action.

    My stating of the law is my own word. If you want to know the exact statement, you shall refer to the actual statement of the law.

    By the way, there is another subject called kinematics, it studies only about MOTION (displacement, velocity, acceleration), no cause (force or ACTION) of the motion is studied.

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    The subject Dynamics (usually is studied by Mechanical Engineering and Physics students) combines Kinetics and Kinematics.

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    Oh! The 3rd law is about "action and reaction", so it is obviously about action, not motion.

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    in kinetic ==> in Kinetics

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    action 行動,行為,活動 motion 物理的運動,天體的運行