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Mister Donut 是日本 Duskin 公司的事業部門,全國共有超過 1357 店,在一年之中約有 2 億人的來客數。除了台灣, Mister Donut 在日本、菲律賓、泰國、韓國、中國上海、馬來西亞都有展店,總共約有 3682 家店。

Mister Donut 努力提供舒適的用餐環境,貼心的服務,都是為了傳遞給您最幸福的喜悅,誠摯邀請大家一起到 Mister Donut,享受美味的甜甜圈。Mister Donut 甜甜圈一起,天天在一起,天天都甜蜜。

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  • 7 年前

    Mister Donut is the one of business department of Japanese company Duskin. There are over 1357 sub branches around the country. In a year, it's estimated to expect 200 million visitors.

    Except Taiwan, there are approximately 3682 sub branches widely spread over Japan, Philippine, Thailand, Korea, Shanghai China and Malaysia.

    Mister Donut always make the best effort to provide comfortable dinning environment and adequate services in order to spread the most enjoyable feeling. Now we sincerely invite everyone to Mister Donut to taste delicious donuts.

    Visiting Mister Donut everyday to enjoy sweetness all the time.

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