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小林 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前


1. Food prices have gone up since last year. It is time that the government

_____ something to prevent inflation.

為什麼用did不能用does? 這邊是說政府"應該要"做一些事去防止通膨?

2. The teacher, together with his students, ____ going to take a trip tomorrow.

這邊用is不用are? 還有A as well as B + is還是are? You and I am還是are?

3. They were trapped under the rubble of _____ buildings.

為什麼是用collapsed不用collapsing? 人+ed 物+ing 不是嗎?


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  • 7 年前


    Using both "did" and "does" is correct! However, they don't mean the same:

    Using "did" means government shall HAVE DONE it before the statement is made.

    Using "does" means government shall do it NOW as the statement is made.

    However, in my opinion, using "does" is better than "did". After all, why bothers to wish something to be done when time has already passed by.


    The real subject is "the teacher", so use "is"

    A as well as B + is還是are?

    It depends upon "A". For example:

    Teacher as well as students is very happy.

    Students as well as teacher are very happy

    You and I am還是are ?

    It shall be "are", because it is a compound subject.



    Only when building is collapsed, then it can trap people.

    When it is collapsing, it will NOT trap people (because people can run away). By the way, "trap" usually is a passive voice, not an active one. Who wants to be trapped. Therefore, it is ONLY when building is collapsed, then people can be trapped.

    人+ed 物+ing 不是嗎?

    Learning English is NOT using formula, you simply plug in words into the sentence pattern. You need to use logic.

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