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小乖 發問時間: 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 8 年前


<麥田捕手>並沒有高潮迭起的情節,或讓人驚奇的轉折,說老實話沒甚麼太多的故事性,甚至可以說只是一本霍爾頓的日記或自言自語而已,記錄了霍爾頓在聖誕前夕被退學,數日如何放蕩的日子,簡單地說只是如此 青少年心情苦悶 抽菸、喝酒、打架、被打、把馬子與裝孬,只是不知為什麼 小說就會勾起自己年少的記憶 ,回想青春苦澀的自己 當時自己也是如此的苦悶嗎?



4 個解答

  • 8 年前

    < Crop caught hand > and no climax created more of plot, or let people surprised of transition, said honest words didn't what too more of story, even can said just a this Holden of diary or himself just, records has Holden in Christmas Eve is dropped out, number day how slutty of days, simple to said just so youth mood boredom smoking, and drinking, and fight, and is hit, and put girlfriend and loaded I win some honours, just not known why novels on will hook up themselves young of memory, back youth bitter of themselves then themselves is so of boredom did?

  • 8 年前

    <Catcher> does not climax of the plot, or a surprising twist, to be honest nothing much story, or even just a diary or Holden himself only, recorded Hall Dayton on Christmas Eve expelled from school, a few days how dissolute life, simply put, just so depressed mood teenagers smoking, drinking, fighting, beaten, and mounted the horse son NAO, but I do not know why the novel will evoke memories of his youth Looking back at his own youth bitter anguish it is true?

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    參考資料: 中翻英網站 or ME
  • 8 年前

    光看到第一個詞不是The Catcher in the Rye



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