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希望有人能幫我中翻英 一小段文章




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    Hello Tragedy, 也讓Panda try try ㄅ! 1. 這次的中國行,看到了很多不同於都市生活的風情,滿臉皺紋的老人專心在茶園裡修剪枝葉,粗壯的男人在草地上放牧羊群,還有一些農家婦女正忙著插秧,這些體驗都是不同於熱鬧繁華的都市生活,比起用高科技產品餵飽腐蝕的心靈,我更情願沉浸在大自然的懷抱裡。During our recent China trip, we saw many events that are not seen in a city, such as wrinkly elders trimming leaves in a tea garden, robust men shepherding the sheep in the grasslands, and women from farming households busily planting rice seedlings, which are all very different from the bustling city life. I would rather be embraced by Mother Nature than having my ever-expanding desires fulfilled by modern technologies. *wrinkly elders = 滿臉皺紋的老人 *shepherding the sheep = 牧羊 *robust men = 粗壯的男人 * planting rice seedlings = 插秧 *bustling city life = 繁忙的都市生活 2. 老師利用投影片播放一些關於區域地理的照片,並發給每人一本地圖集,帶著大家逐步認識整個世界的。老師用手指著影片裡的內容,耐心地向我們解釋世界各地不同人的生活方式。The teacher showed us slides pertaining to various geographic regions, and gave each person an atlas as a mean to introduce the world to us in small steps. He/she pointed at the contents of the film, patiently explaining the different lifestyles of people worldwide. *因不確定老師的性別, 所以用 he/she *pertaining to = 關於 *atlas = 地圖集 *small steps = 逐步 3. 這時有個害羞膽怯得小女孩向我走來,她伸出了一雙沾滿泥土的手,向我兜售剛從蓮花池摘下來的蓮子,在烈日的照射下,他的臉現得格外通紅。It was at this time a shy little girl walked up to me, holding out her muddy hands, trying to sell me freshly plucked lotus seeds; her face was bright red under the scorching sun. *freshly plucked = 現摘的 *scorching sun = 烈日 希望有幫助..

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    1. The trip to China this time, we have seen many things we are not seeing from the city lives. An elderly with wrinkles are trimming at the tea garden. Strong men are shepharing flocks of sheep, and farming ladies are planning the wheat. All these experiences are not the same as our city lives; Compare to the high-tech minds are are soaked in, I would rather soak myself in this nature-filled enviornments.

    2. My teacher is using projectors to play some photoes of the regions, and gave each and everyone of us a map of the area, and shows us about the world, and teacher also points out the contents in the film, and explains the lifestyle of different parts of the world.

    3. At this time, a shy little girl approaches me and extented her muddy hands, try to sell to me the lotus she got pulled from the pool, with the sun shinning, her face turns bright red.

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    1, this of China line, see has many different Yu city life of style, full face wrinkles of elderly concentrate on in tea in trim branches, stout of man in grassland Shang grazing flock, also some farm women are busy with transplanting, these experience are is different Yu lively bustling of city life, than started hi-tech products feed full corrosion of soul, I more willing immersed in nature of arms in.2, PowerPoint broadcast on regional geography teachers to make use of the photos and were given a collection of maps, we come to understand the world. Teacher pointing at the content of the film, patiently explained to us different half lives around the world.3, when there is a shy, timid little girl came up to me, she held out her dirt-stained hands, to sell me just taken from the Lotus pond Lotus seeds, under the hot sun, his face is really red.

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