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Gold Moon 發問時間: 電腦與網際網路軟體 · 7 年前


英文內容如下,麻煩英文高手可以幫我翻譯成中文 非常感謝

Two Chinese women, Shu-ling and Mei-hua, are sharing the photos【they took during the year(they spent as teachers in South Africa)】.// While they are looking at

the pictures, they think about their days in South Africa.// They are talking about where they went, what they did, and how they left.Conversation

Shu-Ling: Isn't this a nice photo of the city of Johannesburg? // The colors are so clear.// Do you remember what it was like when we arrived at the airport ?Mei-hua: Yes.// You thought(we would be met by an African tribal chief with a painted face and a headdress of reeds and feathers).

Shu-ling: Oh, yeah.// That was really silly of me.// I shouldn't have been surprised when we met the Minister of Education, who was dressed in a suit and tie.Mei-hua: I thought(we could finally relax after l8 hours of flying), but then we had to catch another flight and take a combi ride to the small township where we would be teaching.

Shu-ling: Oh, I remember that trip.// It was almost an hour in the open car with nothing to look at but brown dry land.// When we finally arrived at our flat, I remember feeling isolated right away.Mei-hua: Yeah, I realized too(that the town was separated from the rest of South Africa by more than just land).// The township was very primitive and dusty and most of the houses were made of mud.

Shu-ling: But, we did have very nice flats with a small front yard where we could plant flowers and vegetables.// That was the first piece of land(that I ever had to call my own).// I had such a good time being a gardener!

Mei-hua: So did I.// I really miss having a garden to work in now that we are back to the city life in Taiwan.

Shu-ling: I also miss the wide open space and the great views.// The sky was so blue and the mountains looked so close.// I often thought(I could reach out and touch them).


Mei-hua: I agree.// I don't miss teaching there, though.// Look at this picture of my students.// Aren't they cute?// Remember how they had to share their school supplies?

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Shu-ling: Oh, yeah, I remember.// Those kids used to fight for the longest pencil everyday. // I don't think(students in Taiwan know how lucky they are).

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Mei-hua: Maybe we should take these pictures to show our students here.// We could create a project to encourage learning out other cultures and helping those less fortunate.

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Shu-ling: Great.// I love that idea.// We can teach our children(that even though we are on different sides of the equator and some countries are less affluent than others, people can still feel close at heart).

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