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英文翻譯 Introduction 部分

It is well known that bone is capable of modelling and remodelling in response to the mechanical loading Understanding the cellular responses leading to the formation of new bone and the remodelling of existing matrix is crucial in the understanding of the physiology and pathology of the bone. The osteocytes are the most abundant cell type in the bone.They are embedded in the matrix of bone bearing external load and maintain an extensive and interconnected network via multiple processes withincanaliculi.They are ideally placed and are assumed to be the first cells to perceive strains in bone induced by external load and to translate mechanical strain into biochemical signals that regulate bone modelling and remodelling.Consequently, one major research focus in this field has been the study of mechanical responses of osteocytes .

Although a number of studies have shown expression of individual genes in osteocytes in response to mechanical loading, few have studied simultaneous expression of multiple genes, which could not only provide more information on genes involved in the cellular responses of mechanosensitive osteocytes to mechanical loading, but also information on previously unrecognized patterns of gene regulation.

Microarray technology is a powerful tool that would allow such study

– providing information on the expression patterns of thousands of genes at the same time.

Owing to the fact that relatively little is known about the temporal response of genes to mechanical stimuli in osteocytes, and that these genes may be relevant to bone modelling and remodelling, or other diseases, we investigated gene expression

patterns in cultured murine long bone osteocyte-like MLO-Y4 cells at different time-points in response to CCF using the oligonucleotide microarray approach.

Global gene expression patterns were identified by self-organizing maps (SOM) algorithms, and the data were validated by qRT-PCR.In order to

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    - 提供數以千計的基因的表達模式在同一時間上的信息。




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