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Do you believe in mermaids and

Do you believe in mermaids and, fairies?

To me, I think that them existed, because we live in such a big world,

you never ever see them, it doesnt mean that they dont exist, right..

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  • Louis
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    7 年前

    Do you believe in mermaids and fairies?

    Although I have never seen one, I think that they do exist. In fact, we are living in such a big world, and we simply cannot see everything. We must not say that mermaids and fairies do not exist just because we have never seen them.

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  • 7 年前

    You meant this ''you never ever see them''

    sorry in England we always say like that

    2013-06-18 08:52:10 補充:

    They can understand me, okay I dont care. sorry for your feeling,

    have a good day, mate

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  • 7 年前

    我贊助兩分!!! 是為了 Louis 費心修正版主那慘不忍睹的英文。 Louis +11111

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  • 7 年前





    My answer to this question

    I don't believe it. To me, to see is to believe. I only trust what I can see.

    參考資料: Myself
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