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君君 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前


英文寫完想對答案( 有文法題可以說明嗎?謝謝)

1. My little brother can’t ___ for Chinese New Year. He’s really excited.

(A) stand

(B) wait

(C) go

(D) play

2. Frank failed the exam because he ___ ever studied.

(A) hard

(B) mostly

(C) hardly

(D) sometimes

3. It is very ___ to talk on your mobile phone during the movie.

(A) important

(B) funny

(C) illegal

(D) impolite

4. If you don’t understand what the word means, look it ___ in a dictionary.

(A) up

(B) for

(C) to

(D) check

5. Our teacher is always ___ with us, even when we make mistakes.

(A) reliable

(B) unfriendly

(C) patient

(D) angry

6. I’ll pick up some milk on my ___ home from work.

(A) way

(B) coming

(C) direction

(D) trip

7. Vicky had an accident yesterday and was badly hurt, so it is ___ for her to go to school


(A) convenient

(B) illegal

(C) necessary

(D) impossible

8. Reading comic books ___ fun, but if you spend too much time on them, you are simply

wasting your time.

(A) is

(B) has

(C) are

(D) have

9. I can’t ___ Paul. The line is busy.

(A) touch

(B) find

(C) reach

(D) see

10. Much to my ___, my sister Lisa was elected head of the badminton club the other day.

(A) companionship

(B) appearance

(C) delight

(D) might

11. It is not easy to get along well with a ___ person, who hardly ever changes his mind.

(A) stunning

(B) stuffed

(C) studded

(D) stubborn

12. That is ___ what he said. I didn’t overstate it.

(A) exactly

(B) awkwardly

(C) wonderfully

(D) steadily

13. It’s healthy to take a walk in the forest in the daylight, since green plants produce ___ by


(A) orbit

(B) oxygen

(C) sulfur

(D) dioxin

14. The world was shocked by the ___ attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2001.

(A) terrorist

(B) vagrant

(C) forgettable

(D) wandering

15. We all respect her because of the ___ she has made to the whole world.

(A) attribution

(B) description

(C) inscription

(D) contribution


6-10 ADAAD

11-15 DABAD

3 個解答

  • 7 年前

    (4) A

    「查字典」 英語是 look up in a dictionary。 你選的 look for 是尋找,好像你掉了東西,或不知道放在哪裡時的那種 「尋找」,不是 「查」 字典。

    (9) C

    與某人「聯絡得上」,英語是 reach 某人。 這裡說電話忙線,打不通,聯絡不上 Paul, 所以要選 C。 你選的 touch 是 「觸摸」, I can't touch Paul. 意思是 「我摸不到保羅」。

    (10) C

    much to my delight 意思是 「我很高興」。 這裡是說姐姐選上羽球社長,所以自己很高興。 答案要選 C。

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  • 7 年前

    reach out and touch someone - a TV commercial from AT&T.

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    7 年前


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