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Citron 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

中翻英 -「發聲」 = speak out loud??

請問在英文的用法裡,speak out loud是否有assertion或「公開發言」、「公開發表」的意涵?

不管怎樣,可否幫我看一下,在以下這段中翻英裡,我speak out loud的用法是否恰當好嗎?若不恰當,可否建議更好的字?謝謝!


台灣新生代設計師 率先發聲

TTT不斷致力推動台灣本土設計師的發展,希望透過XYZ展會讓台灣設計師有一個共同向國際發聲的舞台,將台灣時尚力的風潮吹向國際。今年主辦單位特別邀請到AAA, BBB和CCC一同現身XYZ 2013來共襄盛舉!

Up-and-coming Taiwanese designers speak out loud at XYZ 2013

As part of its continual effort to develop local design talents, TTT hopes to use XYZ as a platform for Taiwanese designers to speak out loud to the international audience, allowing Taiwanese fashion to influence world fashion. This year, the local designers we have invited to speak for themselves at XYZ2013 are AAA, BBB and CCC.

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  • 7 年前

    Up-and-coming Taiwanese new generation of designers speak out loud take the lead in voicing themselves at XYZ 2013

    As part of its the continual effort to in developing local designing talents and for Taiwanese designer to voice themselves. TTT hopes to uses XYZ as a platform for Taiwanese designers to speak out loud to the international audience, and promotes allowing Taiwanese fashion to influence over world fashion. This year, the local designers we organizer has invited AAA, BBB and CCC to speak for themselves work together on this grand event at XYZ2013 are AAA, BBB and CCC.

    I don't know the situation precisely, so I didn't revise the use of "continual", but I offer the following to differentiate them:

    Continuous indicates duration without interruption.

    Continual indicates duration that continues over a long period of time, but with intervals of interruption.

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  • 7 年前

    "Speak out loud" is not appropriate for this situation.

    2013-06-17 04:38:01 補充:

    您真是我的良師益友!Orange dude, you are being funny right now.

    真是汗顏!No need to sweat - you smell good already.

    "Speak out loud" and "Cry out loud" are usually used in negative situation where something like injustice is to be noted.

    2013-06-17 04:38:58 補充:

    Don't you fell the "anger" and the "urgency" in them? Feel it, dude. But don't sweat it though.

    2013-06-17 04:40:20 補充:

    Oh, I just saw the priest at comment 001:

    Speak out是“嗆聲” - was it what I just said?

    2013-06-17 06:08:08 補充:

    The priest is sexy in talking about horsepower.

    2013-06-17 07:09:10 補充:

    I am looking forward to the days when the prettier one will go first.

    2013-06-17 08:03:03 補充:

    Good-looking alone is more than enough to me.

    2013-06-17 09:59:24 補充:

    May I opt for NYC instead? YK+ has few girls, I think.

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  • 7 年前

    謝謝rjamesho 大師!

    2013-06-16 21:41:42 補充:



    現在我明白speak out loud不適用在此了。還好我有問,要不然,按照自己的意思亂寫英文,就要鬧笑話了。(真是汗顏!)

    2013-06-17 06:44:35 補充:



    2013-06-17 07:12:27 補充:

    Both prisoner26535 and rjamesho are intelligent, kind and good-looking.

    2013-06-17 08:50:14 補充:

    Prisoner26535 is the most beautiful woman in YK+ English Forum.

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  • 7 年前

    “發聲”是Sound off

    Speak out是“嗆聲”

    “率先發聲”可以翻成 Sounds (或是-ed) off first.

    2013-06-17 05:57:11 補充:

    It means "to assert with some extra horsepower, in an decisively less-than-pleasant mood" -- by this priest's definition

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  • Shuang
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    7 年前


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