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    A: China is just so reliant on coal, for, for heating for energy, is that reliance shifting at all?

    B: At this moment you know some the big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the government has been trying quite successfully to switch you know all this cooking and uh.. to natural gas. Uh.. so coal.. small coal stoves or even some boilers have been relocated out of the cities, having said that, you know much of the.. 80 percent of China's coal powered electricity have been actually used by the industry. That's very different, that shows you know, that's because China is the factory of the world. So much of this have been tied to the development of massive.. you know, highly polluting and energy intensive industries like the iron steel, you know, and like this, the building material, like we produce sixty percent of the world's cement, and nearly half of the world's iron steel and all these, so I think it tied to that.. unless we change our.. our structure, industrial structure, then this, this over dependence on coal cannot be really changed.

    A:Yeah, Change is really needed, but it's not happening fast enough, what is the biggest hurdle to change.


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