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求英文高手 翻譯 (勿google翻譯)

請幫我翻譯一篇英文朗讀稿 謝謝!!!!!! (但請不要翻譯軟體)




陳樹菊在就讀台東市仁愛國民小學畢業後因為家貧,一家八口都賴父親賣菜為生,母親難產沒有錢繳保證金,無法獲得醫治,於是陳樹菊開始賣菜,挑起養家責任,讓哥哥讀完大學,將弟妹拉拔長大,二弟後來因車禍死亡。回首坎坷往事,她滿腹心酸,將時間全部投入工作。她曾經非常痛恨社會的現實,後來她藉著信仰的力量放下仇恨。多年賣菜,陳樹菊已經買了房子,但本人生活卻仍非常刻苦,每天生活費不到100元。身為佛教徒的她吃素,平時省吃儉用,卻很樂意捐款,父親在1993年病逝後,陳樹菊曾捐100萬元給佛光學院。1997年間又捐款新台幣100萬元給母校仁愛國小成立急難救助獎學金[12],回饋多年前受到的幫助。 她自幼失學,又在2005年又捐了新台幣450萬元給仁愛國小蓋圖書館,但她目前的目標是存1,000萬元成立基金會,讓窮人吃飯、看醫生


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    Hello: I am topic to report is the story of Chen Shuju, I believe we all should know that Chen Shuju!First, please allow me to brief Chen Shuju members now!Chen Shuju was a Taiwan philanthropist, she has donated nearly NT $ 10 million, to a total over the years as a charitable purpose, including helping children and orphans, as well as the establishment of libraries. The rich than the magazine elected her and Asia 2010 charity hero in 48th place, this is also one of her awards at all!Who was Chen Shuju in Taitung Jen Ai elementary school after graduation because the family was poor, both depend on a family of eight father sold vegetables for a living, mothers giving birth had no money to pay margin, lack of access to treatment, and Chen Shuju began selling vegetables, stir up family responsibilities, brother through college, the siblings grew up drawing, younger brother later died in a car accident. Looking back over the Rocky past, she is full of sad, will be fully operational. She used to hate the social reality, and later through the power of faith to put her hatred. For many years selling vegetables, Chen Shuju have bought the House, but my life is still very hard, living on less than 100 Yuan a day. Being a Buddhist, she's a vegetarian, usually frugally, but would be happy to contribute, after his father died in 1993, Chen Shuju has donated 1 million Yuan to the Buddha School. 1997 donation of NT $ 1 million to his alma mater the Jenai established disaster relief scholarships [12], helped contribute to the many years ago. She began her schooling, and was in 2005 and contributed NT $ 4.5 million Yuan to the Jenai primary to build a library, but her current goal is to pay 10 million Yuan to set up a Fund, poor eating, see a doctorI admire Chen Shuju spirit also was touched by her story, I hope that more people in the world, making the world a better place!

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