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請幫忙一般對話中翻英, 很急, 拜託大家


我沒有這種問題, 基本上我是月光族,薪水拿去繳貸款跟帳單後,剩下的就轉帳到老婆的帳戶裡,所以也不用擔心被盜領的問題,唯一擔心的是在轉帳時KEY錯帳戶,所以我都會在網路銀行設定常用的轉帳帳號,這是我覺得很方便的地方,

我有五個銀行的帳戶,都是因為工作的需要使用的,印章我都統一使用同一個,這樣才不會造成混亂,但是現在因為很多帳號都沒在使用,幾乎都被銀行凍結而不能使用了!如同之前說的,因為帳戶裡沒有錢,所以都是很隨性的收納在抽屜裡,並沒有特別的去做收藏, 妳都怎樣保管妳的存款簿跟印章?


請不要給我Google翻譯 的喔!謝謝~

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    I also like to go to the beach before blowing sea breeze and watching, and later, after I moved near the beach, the sea did not feel it slowly!, I do not usually pick up shells or stones to go home, because if we regard the shell pick to go home that hermit crabs have no home! but if you really special shells, I still can not help but go to retrieve a memento of! picked up at the beach you want to do something?

    I do not have this problem, I basically paycheck to paycheck, take payment loans with salary bill, the rest is transferred to his wife's account, so do not worry about stolen from the problem, the only worry is that the transfer when KEY wrong account, so I will set used in online banking transfer account, which I feel very convenient place

    I have five bank accounts, all because of the work you need to use, chop I have to use the same uniform, so as not to cause confusion, but now because many accounts did not use them, almost all can not be used by banks to freeze the! as said before, because the account has no money, so the storage is very casual in a drawer, and do not particularly collection, you are what keep the passbook with your stamp?

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