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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前


在寫過這麼多的作文中,我想我最喜歡的還是Journal了。每個星期都可以寫自己想要分享的內容,不是很有趣嗎? 但若是想不到主題的畫,還有老師所提供的主題可以寫呢! 其中我最喜歡的就是介紹"日本櫻花"的這篇了。其實在寫這篇之前,我根本不知道要寫什麼,我是在網路上隨便瀏覽,剛好看到有關日本櫻花的由來,就決定寫下來了。關於日本櫻花的由來其實有很多種說法,但寫不了那摩多,就決定其中一種由來來介紹給大家了。 寫Journal真的很有趣,不但可以寫自己想寫的主題,而且也會得到老師的一些information,真的很棒呢!!!! (但Journal的內容絕不是流水帳噢)

很急!!!!!!! 請勿用google yahoo翻譯軟體 和翻譯機



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  • 7 年前

    Speaking of my favourite kind of writing I have written, I would say it must be journal. Jotting down what you want to share every week is interesting, isn't it?

    Even if you have nothing in your mind you want to write about, you can try the themes set by the teachers. One of those themes, Cherry Blossoms in Japan, remains at top of the list of themes that I enjoyed writing most.

    Actually, before I decided to write about the cherry blossoms, I had completely no idea of what to write. I just casually surfed the web for inspiration. And by coincidence, I found something about the origin of Cherry Blossoms in Japan, which prompted me to make up my mind writing about it. But as there were lots of different versions of the origin of cherry blossoms in Japan, it would be impossible to include them all in my writing. So I wrote about one of those versions only.

    Writing journals is really fun. Not only can you write what you want, you can also get comments and some additional information of your topic from the teachers. That is pretty awesome!

    P.S. A journal is definitely not something plain that lacks content and elaborations.


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  • 7 年前


    Amongst all the essays I've writte, I think my favorite is still writing a journal.


    It is rather interesting to be able to write every week about the things I want to share, isn't it?


    Even when I couln't think of anything in particular, there is still a topic suggested by the teacher for me to write!


    My favorite essay was the one on introducing the Japanese Cherry Blossom.


    I did not know what to write about in the beginning actually, then I came across the history of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms and decided on it.


    There are numerous views on the history of Japanese Cherry Blossoms, but as I won't be able to elaborate on all of them, I have decided to introduce one of the views to everyone.

    寫Journal真的很有趣,不但可以寫自己想寫的主題,而且也會得到老師的一些information,真的很棒呢!!!! (但Journal的內容絕不是流水帳噢)

    It is really fun to write a journal, not only that I can decided on the topic, I can also get additional information from the teacher! It's really wonderful! (And definitely not a boring record!)

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  • 7 年前

    在寫過這麼多的作文中,我想我最喜歡的還是Journal了。每個星期都可以寫自己想要分享的內容,不是很有趣嗎? 但若是想不到主題的畫,還有老師所提供的主題可以寫呢! 其中我最喜歡的就是介紹"日本櫻花"的這篇了。其實在寫這篇之前,我根本不知道要寫什麼,我是在網路上隨便瀏覽,剛好看到有關日本櫻花的由來,就決定寫下來了。關於日本櫻花的由來其實有很多種說法,但寫不了那摩多,就決定其中一種由來來介紹給大家了。 寫Journal真的很有趣,不但可以寫自己想寫的主題,而且也會得到老師的一些information,真的很棒呢!!!! (但Journal的內容絕不是流水帳噢)

    In an essay written so much, I think my favorite is the Journal. Each week you can write what you want to share content, is not it interesting? But if it is unexpected theme of the painting, as well as the theme provided by the teacher can write it! One of my favorite is the introduction of "Japanese Cherry Blossom" in this the. In fact, in writing this, I do not know what to write, I was just browsing on the Internet, just to see the origin of Japanese cherry blossoms, and decided to write down. The origin of Japanese cherry blossoms fact, there are a variety of claims, but can not write more than Guantanamo, it was decided to introduce one comes to people. Journal writing is really interesting, not only can write your own theme to write, but also some of the teacher information, really great too!!!! (But by no means blotters Journal Content oh)


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