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小哲 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

幫我翻譯有關放射系的英文 每一個段落都需要 (急20點)

Pulmonary edema is a condition of excess fluid within the lung that most frequently is caused by a backup in pulmonary circulation commonly associated with congestive heart failure (CHF).A commonly cause is coronary artery disease, in which blood flow to the heart muscle is restricted. This weakens the heart and results in inadequate pulmonary circulation, causing a backup of blood in the lungs. The condition is seen on chest radiographs as a diffuse in crease in radio density in the hilar regions fading toward the periphery of the lung, and as increased air-fluid levels with horizontal beam projection in more severe conditions.

Reactivation (secondary) tuberculosis usually develops in adults and generally is first evident on radiography bilaterally in the upper lobes as irregular calcifications that are mottle in appearance. Upward retraction of the hila is frequently evident. As healing occurs, fibrous tissue develops with calcification surrounding the region and leaving a type of cavity that can be seen on tomograms of this region. AP lordotic projections are frequently requested for visualization of calcifications and cavitations of apices and upper lobes.

Occupational lung Disease

Anthracosis, also called black lung pneumoconiosis, is caused by deposits of coal dust. With long-term inhalation (10 years or longer), it spreads throughout the lungs and is seen on chest radiographs as small opaque spots or conglomerate masses.

Asbestosis is caused by inhalation of asbestos dust (fibers) that results in pulmonary fibrosis. It may develop into lung cancer, especially in those who smoke.

Silicosis is a permanent condition of the lungs that is caused by inhalation of silica (quartz) dust, a form of sand dust. Occupationally exposed patients include certain mine works, sandblasters, and those who work in similar professions. Chest x-rays show distinctive patterns of nodules and scarring densities. Patients with silicosis are three times more

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    重新激活(二級)結核病通常在成人的發展,一般是第一個明顯的雙側肺上葉斑駁的外觀為不規則鈣化,X光片檢查。肺門向上回縮經常是顯而易見的。癒合時,纖維組織的發展與鈣化周圍的區域,並留下一個不同的空腔,在此區域中的X線斷層圖上可以看出。 AP前凸的預測經常會要求尖和上葉鈣化和空化的可視化。





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    Please don't become a doctor...

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