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    When my foreigner friends come to visit Taiwan, I would avoid taking them to the scenic spots embodying the essence and superiority of our culture. In my opinion, it is better to be more genuine and let them see our daily lives from the perspective of a Taiwanese. This could help them feel more about our local culture, hence better understanding and recognizing it.

    He likes studying poems very hard to understand and articles with highly sophisticated content. This kind of literature, according to him, enchanted him, because of its ease to show the beauty of the sophisticated side of language.

    From the photo he sent us, we can see a little girl gripping a red balloon, looked timid while looking forward. Beside her was a woman wearing a pair of sunglasses and holding a Western umbrella. The porcelain tiles of the colour of ivory behind reflected the sunlight, making them more shiny than they were.

    There are many kinds of indulging scents in the world, for example, the strong scent of high class perfume, the sweet scent of cakes and the natural scent of phytoncide in forests. Yet, in fact, I love the sparse sound of people chatting more than those scents.

    His obsession with success never diminishes. That desire for applause lingers in his mind.


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    The porcelain tiles of the colour of ivory [on the wall] behind reflected the sunlight, making them more shiny than they were.

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