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    I volunteer at the official story books to the children to listen, I think it is important as a storyteller who expressions and body, the action must be exaggerated, language should be self-assured, sometimes like reading poetry, sometimes like reading prose, I'm not used said obscure book of fairy tales, so I try to pick everyone can enjoy the familiar fairy tale. I like to watch the kids listening to a story with no distraction to concentrate on look, but also like to listen to them to ask some childish question, for me, the best feedback, than their home, can therefore have a pleasant dream, there will be little fairy fairy tale appeared in a dream, and they spend a wonderful afternoon tea, like fairyland Liailisi encountered as the March Hare.

    The only advertising itself is outstanding, the most important thing is to be rendered to the screen and the mood of consumers, we must allow consumers to see the story moving, trigger heart sincere feelings.

    I still remember the day that part of the fallen, continuous spend fifty-six hours a day, several recent fiery breath watching movies, enjoying the sight and sound stimulation, and the actor's superb performance. At that time, I was almost addicted to ecstasy, unable to restrain their steeped in an atmosphere of sci-fi movies.

    Prior to travel, they will first use the network to ensure the adequacy of planning the trip, view network map to identify local traffic conditions, and refer others to understand network evaluation of the quality of hotel stay

    Failed sense of loss that can not be reconciled, that he began full of words between the many attacks and ironic words, she became weary and refused to communicate with people, just like getting locked in the room.



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    I am in library and volunteer stories to toddlers, I think being a storyteller is important to face and limbs, actions must be exaggerated, language, Cadence, sometimes like to read poems, sometimes like a recitation of prose, I'm not used to that obscure fairy tale book, so I try to pick out all of the familiar fairy tale. I like see children were listen story Shi Heart no next mo of concentrate on look, also like listen they asked some childlike of problem, on I for, most better of feedback, is they home Hou, are can therefore has a pleasant of dream, will has fairy tale in small fairy appeared in dream in the, and they spend a better of afternoon tea time, on like Wonderland in Alice encountered March rabbit as.

    Only excellence in advertising, the most important of which is to render the picture and the mood of consumers, must be able to let consumers saw in the story touched, trigger the true feelings inside.

    I still remember the fall time, continuously spend five or six hours a day, a sigh of relief after the latest hottest movies, enjoy the stimulation of sound and light effects, and the performances of the actors. At that time, I am almost addicted to Ecstasy, can't stop myself in an atmosphere steeped in film science fiction.

    Before the trip, they will use the network to ensure appropriateness of trip planning, view the network map to determine the local traffic conditions, network evaluation and refer others to learn about your stay at Hotel quality

    That feeling of not willing to fail, his speech began with many offensive words and irony she has become misanthropic and refuses to communicate with others, like locked herself in the room.