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    You are not allowed to take personal leave or consecutive leaves (i.e., Friday and Monday next week, or the day before and after legal holidays) during the two weeks before the monthly exam.


    If you want to travel, please plan your schedule carefully so that you would not be on your trip during the two weeks before the monthly exam. This is to ensure no postponement of classes which could affect students' results.


    When you take a leave, besides reporting to the office beforehand, please also write a notice about your leave and paste it on the contact log.


    Corporal punishment on students is strictly prohibited. If the claim by parents and students that a teacher has carried out corporal punishment on students is proven to be true, the teacher's employment would be terminated.


    If there are any disputes between the employer and employee, both parties will agree the Taiwan Taichung District Court as the court of first instance. The employer would fully authorize the lawyers hired by the Taichung Supplementary Education Enterprise Association and him/her to handle all the relevant legal matters.




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    第四點:[will] be terminated

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    Taipei's ban took a personal leave and even off two weeks before (xingqiyi、Wu, or before and after the national holiday a day). To travel, do not select monthly exam before the two-week trip, so as not to delay the course so as to affect results. Leave for addition to the prior report and produce their own notices affixed adhesive to the contact book. Punishment is strictly prohibited, shall be dismissed if parent-student proof is true. Employers and if there is any dispute, the parties agree that the Taichung district court is the first jurisdiction, authorized by the employer and fill the joint appointment of lawyers to deal with teachers ' Union. Separation of the last salary check personally with the Director in person hours of work, and with a new appointment as teacher of completed work and clearly began to receive.