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網路翻譯文法都會怪怪的,請大家幫幫忙囉20點 ~~











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    1.Taroko National Park is to be located at the east of Taiwan.

    2.People can experience nature by take a walk along the path.

    3.Besides,Taroko National Park is famous for its Taiwanese aboriginal people culture.

    4.When travelers visit the local village,they will enjoy Taiwanese aboriginal people culture.

    5.Television has strong influence to teenagers,by the same token,Internet also influence them high.

    6.Until I experienced that,finally,I understood the importance of the punctuality.

    7.From personal economic situation,convenience and surroundings,I like to live in dormitory much more than apartment.

    8.Because I am a student with a part-time job,maybe I can't do anything about the large amount of the rent from the apartment.

    9.It's convenient to give a lesson by live in the dormitory,and also helpful to kniw the latest news of the campus.

    10.In conclusion,the dormitory life is well-kroen by its comfort social activity,I can share joy and tears with my roommates.

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    10.well-kroen 改成 well-known


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    1. the Taroko National Park in Eastern Taiwan, is famous for its geological diversity2. it is through a walk along the trail in this area and experience the natural3. in addition to Taroko National Park is famous for its Aboriginal culture4. when the tourists when visiting local villages, visitors will enjoy the Taiwan Aboriginal culture5. television has a strong influence for young people, similarly, networks may also strongly influence their6. until I went through after that, I did not realize the importance of punctuality7. personal economic conditions. convenience and ambience, I prefer dormitory living is better than the apartment life8. because I have to work, so I may not be able to afford huge apartments for rent9. living in the dormitory is convenient for school, and it also helps me to know latest news from campus10. Finally, hostel life features a warm social atmosphere, I can share with my roommate, laughter and tears