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    The hourly wage will be NTD 500 if there are less than eight students in the class. Otherwise, if there are eight or more students in the class, the hourly wage will be NTD 600.


    Before you quit the job, please meet the head face-to-face to check your total working hours, and make any necessary arrangements so that your current duties can be passed over to the new teachers. Only after you have done the things mentioned above can you get your last wage.


    The employer shall renew the employee's contract at least a month before the day when the current contract ends (July 1, 2014), unless the employer does not plan to continue the contract. If it is the latter case, the employer must inform the employee about the discontinuing of contract and explain the reasons of it in written form. However, if it is the employee who plans not to continue the contract, he/she must inform the employer his/her decision of not continuing the contract and explain the reasons of it in written form at least one month before the current contract ends.



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    Students paid less than 8 people 500 Yuan, 600 Yuan and paid more than 8 students (8 people). Separation of the last payroll check personally with the Director in person hours of work, and with a new appointment as teacher of completed work and point to clear before receiving the transfer. Employer should contract deadline (July 1, 2014) to provide labour for at least a month before the new contract, unless the employer did not intend to extend, and must inform the employees in writing is not extended and detailed reasons, and if the employee has no intention of renewing the contract, must inform the employer in writing at least one month before the expiry of the contract not renewed and detailed reasons.

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