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  • 7 年前

    Buxiban culture growing in the streets of Taipei, mixed signs and carrying sticks gives a heartless have great sense of oppression, on my way home from work, often saw students walking out, reciting handout side with his head down, his mouth mutter prayers. Compared to the same slide phone with his head bowed, they build more gaunt.

    He plucked up the courage to want to communicate with her boyfriend on their future to study in other counties, is being pushed hard with one hand, hang a little bit not seem to smile on the face and sneer. See boyfriends such a merciless response, she screamed hysterically up, open their eyes, threw himself wholeheartedly to seize each other's collars, soft, pinched fingers and all that anger.

    After overnight after the electric all night, he was sluggish in the eye becomes more sour, dark circles are more visible, even the speech sound becomes weak, slender body walks still wobbly, seems to stand steady.

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