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請幫忙 租賃合約書 中翻英 謝謝

Article 5 本租約屆滿後租賃關係即行消滅,乙方續租與否,均應於租期屆滿前參個月預告甲方。惟乙方如欲續租,應徵得甲方之同意並重新簽訂契約,始生效力。若因甲乙雙方不願續租,乙方應於本約租期屆滿日前遷出

Article 6 任一方均不得任意終止租約。若乙方有改變經營計劃 或履約不能等情事

Article 7 Interior decoration and furbishing

一、甲乙雙方同意依現況交屋,乙方於rental property內之裝修佈置及維修費用均應由乙方自理,且應受本大樓管理公約及相關管理辦法規範。乙方除空調設備、天花板、燈具、地毯、壁紙、窗簾等固定裝修佈置外,於租約期滿不另續約或契約終止時,應無條件自行拆遷室內裝潢及設備,並恢復原狀及大門,但不得損毀建築物及其原有之設備,否則應負損害賠償之責(若經甲方同意保留部份,乙方不得拒絕)。惟若乙方屆時不騰清而留置於租賃標的物內之一切裝璜設備及物品,應任由甲方視為廢棄物處理,其拆除及其他各項費用應由乙方負擔。

二、乙方應於租賃期間內,妥善維護rental property,rental property內之一切修繕、維護及更新費用均應由乙方負擔。


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  • 7 年前

    Article 5 after the expiration of this lease lease be eliminated, b lease or not, should months notice before the expiration of the rental period the customer. But party b If you wish to renew, you should obtain the customer's consent and then signed a contract only effect. If both parties do not want to renew the lease, b should be moved out before the expiration of the rental period

    Article 6 any party shall terminate the lease. If party b's business planning or performance cannot be changed

    Article 7 Interior decoration and furbishingStatus, both parties agree, party decoration arrangement and in the rental property maintenance costs shall be taken by a party to care, and shall be subject to the Convention and related management measures for the administration of the building specifications. B air conditioning equipment, ceilings, lamps, rugs, wallpaper, curtains and other fixed layout outside decoration, at lease expires without renewal or upon termination of the contract, unconditional removal on their own interiors and equipment, and to restore the status quo ante and the door, but not damaged buildings and their original equipment, or bear responsibility for damages (if the customer agreed to retain part of party b shall not refuse). If party b will not make clear and stay within the subject-matter of all decoration equipment and goods, should be dealt with either by the Party regarded as waste, dismantle it and all other expenses shall be borne by the party.B, b should be within the lease period, proper maintenance of rental property,rental property of all repairs, maintenance and update costs shall be borne by the party.Third, the internal decoration of leasehold, party b shall comply with the relevant capacity, noise isolation, environmental standards and fire-fighting facilities and other related acts

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  • 羅莉
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    7 年前

    YK+不是翻譯社, 大量內容(5行以上)尋求翻譯是違反版規的.

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