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    1. Grandma's hand holding a bowl just got take out from the fridge and Jane Redish, it dips, Golden honey, wrapped in red bean, ice cold and cool with some sweet, delicious dollars.2. I pushed off a building to look out the window, still does not come on in the morning, volunteer traffic police will start a day's work, shuttling back and forth among the cars, signal lamp flashed the blazing hearth shall burn all noisy setting a screen,3. I cupped my head and crawling ants along the window of observation, and Golden Oak on the windowsill just sprout green shoots, the rain was floating outside the window, instead, that sense of quiet people.4. When the early homes built or decline of the building opposite, with the window I can see the entire Taipei basin, gray building ebbs, sometimes get on rainy cloudy day, the whole image looks gray into, soft with dots in yellow.5. On warm summer afternoons, his girlfriend suddenly proposed to play hide and seek, we hunted down, shuttling in the Woods, laughter echoed in my ears.

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    YK+不是翻譯社, 大量內容(5行以上)尋求翻譯是違反版規的.