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拜託大大幫我信件中翻英>< (急) 謝謝了!



以下是內容.. 有點長...


Dear. ******



但自從看了**(影集名)**影集之後,就完全被劇情和你的演技給迷住了,讓我成了摩爾摩斯迷了呢! 立刻買了套原著來看。



我也很喜歡私下的你,總是這麼自然又和善,還有點單純? 我很抱歉但neutron cream事件太有趣了~ 怎麼這麼可愛啊你XD


不過希望你在忙碌之餘,能多多照顧自己的身體哦,小心別讓自己累壞了,菸...少抽點XD 呵呵..


這句話或許你聽過很多遍了吧~ 但我還是要說,你真的是一位很偉大的演員! 這是真心的.


我們也會繼續努力讓更多人認識你的^^ 加油~ 期待你更多的作品!



如果方便的話能否幫我中英交叉,這樣我比較好比對>< (←英文真的很差的我..)



Thank you


I love you


2 個解答

  • 7 年前

    Dear. ******

    Hello, I am ****

    In fact, I was not on the Sherlock Holmes story completely understood,

    But since reading ** (album name) ** album, you and your story was completely fascinated acting, so I became Moore Holmes fans of it! Immediately bought a set of the original term.

    After successively read your works of other performances, also saw many different faces you every time you look at all deeply attracted to superb acting,

    Not only on television, on the stage you more shining, although only in Taiwan on the Internet to find some clips of the video, but it's a stunning enough!

    I also like the privately for you, always so natural and good, and a little simple? I'm sorry, but too interesting incident neutron cream so cute ah ~ how you XD

    Now you should be very full program now, just in the second half was much better works to be released, there is next year filming ** (movie name) ** is good to look forward to!

    But I hope you spend more, can be a lot to take care of their body Oh, be careful do not let yourself tired, smoke ... smoke less XD Oh ..

    There do not know when you see this text, birthday is not over, anyway, or tell you say happy birthday ~ ^ ^

    Perhaps you have heard this phrase many times it ~ but I still say you really are a very great actor! Which is sincere.

    Although very slim hope, but hope you will have the opportunity to come to Taiwan, there is a lot to like and support you in ** (fans name) ** Oh!

    We will also continue its efforts to let more people know your refueling ~ ^ ^ look forward to your more works!

    It is able to bring luck "colored line" five colors each of which has different meanings, can be used as bracelets or anklets or carry the hope that it brings you good luck and protection ^ ^

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  • 7 年前


    Hello, I am

    When you are reading this letter, I do not know whether your birthday has past or not. But hopefully, I would like to say 'Happy Birthday to you.'

    I am sorry to say that I am not that familiar with the stories of Sherlock Holmes at the first time. But after watching(**), I was attracted by the content and your performance. Letting me be one of the fans of Sherlock, I immediately bought the whole set of Sherlock.

    May be getting familiar with your different faces, I am stunned by your stage skills.

    Not only on TV, your performances on stage are so fantastical. Although only a few clips are found on the Internet in Taiwan, but it is still amazing for me.

    I am also attracted to you by your personal life. It is always natural and peaceful, or just innocent. I am sorry but the event 'neutron cream' was so funny. I cannot help laughing at the time. I always think that why you are so cute.

    Now, your plan is successful as your works are about to be shown to public in this half year. Moreover, I am looking forward to seeing your film next year.

    Hopefully, you can take good care of your body. Stop smoking and do not tire yourself too much.

    May you have heard this kind of stuff a lot, but I have to say ' You are a great actor. It is from my wholeheart.

    Hopefully, your can have the chance to visit Taiwan. There is lots of joy and fans (**)waiting for you. And we are trying to let other people get to know you. Work hard, enjoy your job.

    Here is so-called 5-coloured-strip. The five colours represent different meanings. It can be carried around. Hopefully it can bring you luck and protection to you.

    參考資料: Myself
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