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橘子 發問時間: 運動棒球 · 7 年前


最近計畫到美國波士頓看棒球賽 想問:

1. 想要好的前排位置是不是應該要先訂票?(是不是線上賣完 現場就買不到了!?)

2. 訂票是到棒球隊網站去訂嗎?還是有其他訂票系統?

3. 看棒球賽有區別兩隊球迷位置嗎?(例如支持洋基在某區,紅襪在另一區)

4. 去看棒球賽有沒有什麼要注意的事情?(地鐵晚上11後還有開嗎)

目前四個人計畫想看紅襪v.s洋基 7/21晚上的場 到紅襪網站想去訂票

發現每一區都沒有一起的票 全都是單一個一個 是真的連座票都賣完了嗎?

前後排距離會很遠嗎 不知道可不可以現場跟別人換座位 總覺得訂票系統有點奇怪

麻煩有經驗的大大幫忙解惑囉 感謝!!!!!!!




因為現在線上位置都沒有一起的座位 都是單一單一座位 (我們想四個人一起)

不知道是線上問題 還是真的都賣完了!!!?

另外 那個購票中心是在球場那邊嗎 平常有開放嗎 還是開賽前才開放


1 個解答

  • Gary
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    1. It depends on your luck.

    Usually, the front (and best) seats are usually reserved to season ticket holders. So in theory, you will not get good seats that easy.

    But you may. And in some cases, buying tickets outside the ballpark on that day may help you to get better seats.

    2. The team's website.

    3. No - when you go to Boston, you expect the park is full of Red Sox's fans.

    4. Be careful with your safety. Somehow people are crazy (especially after some alcohol beverages).

    2013-07-05 19:40:21 補充:

    1. It is possible (when you buy the tickets through unofficial source). There is no ticket on reserve.

    2. Assume they are all sold out - Bottom line, Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankee will be an attractive game (at least to the public).

    2013-07-05 19:40:44 補充:

    3. You will have to check with the team. It is definitely open on game day. But for the rest, it is based on the team.

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