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20個英文單字造句 20點

請幫我造句! 不要太長的句子謝謝


1.insist 堅持(v.)

2.meal 一餐(n.)

3.corridor 走廊;通道(n.)

4.closely 接近地;仔細地(adv.)

5.cellar 地窖 (n.)

6.ankle 腳踝 (n.)

7.stairwell 樓梯間 (n.)

8.souvenir 紀念品(n.)

9.outshine 勝過;比...更優秀 (v.)

10.faint 昏倒 (v.)

11.naval 海軍的 (adj.) 職業 (n.)

13.delight 樂事;樂趣 (n.)

14.regain 恢復(v.)

15.rescue 搭救;援救 (v.)

16.chest 胸膛 (n.)

17.sorrowful 傷心的 (adj.)

18.guard 警衛 (n.)

19.childhood 幼年時期(n.)

20.mist 霧(n.)


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  • 7 年前

    ----Twenty words into 20 sentences with correct parts of speech, meanings and not too long sentences:----------

    (1)insist v.= You insist that Samsung is fashionable and cheap.

    (2)meal n.=Awn had a light meal of an omelette and salad.

    (3)corridor n.=A corridor is a long passageway with rooms on both sides.

    (4)closely adv.=He held her closely.

    (5)cellar n.=A cellar is an underground room in a house for storing things, esp. wine.

    (6)ankle n.=I sprained my ankle falling downstairs.

    (7)stairwell n.=A stairwell is the vertical opening from the ground floor running upwards through a building.

    (8)souvenir n.=He gave us a copy of the photograph as a souvenir of our visit.

    (9)outshine v.=She outshone all the other students in her class at drawing,painting and piano.

    (10)faint v.=She had fallen to the ground to faint.

    (11)naval adj.=He looked busy in his naval uniform.

    (12)career n.=Your career is the part of your life during which you work.

    (13)delight n.=You take delight in something if you enjoy it.

    (14)regain v.=We were regaining our Energy by a walk along the beach.

    (15)rescue v.=Firefighters managed to rescue the old woman trapped in the fire.

    (16)chest n.=Your chest is the part of your body between the

    neck and the stomach.

    (17)sorrowful adj.=She had a dog with a large sorrowful eyes.

    (18)guard n.=The security guards patrol the store at all times.

    (19)childhood n.=Few of us remember the early part of our


    (20)mist n.=The hills were covered in mist in Austria.

  • 7 年前

    1. Insist 堅持(v.)

    His parents insisted that he should well study Mandarin, Chinese.

    2. Meal 一餐 (n.)

    Linda still keeps remembering a lobster big meal in cousin’s home.3. Corridor 走廊; 通道 (n.)Zoeis in a phone talk with client on the corridor now.

    4. Closely 接近地; 仔細地 (adv.)

    Paparazzi tend to follow any celebrity as closely as possible.

    5. Cellar 地窖 (n.)

    There is an old storage cellar in this big building.

    6. Ankle 腳踝 (n.)

    There is a red dragon tattoo on his left ankle.

    7. Stairwell樓梯間(n.)Those 2employees gossiped their boss's new rumor in thestairwell.

    8. Souvenir 紀念品 (n.)Amy bought many souvenirs for cousins, while traveling in NYC.

    9.Outshine 勝過; 比...更優秀 (v.)Helen’syounger brother is outshining her in English writing.

    10. Faint 昏倒 (v.)Due to bad health, Angie has fainted on the roads for times.

    11. Naval 海軍的(adj.)Ethan teaches marine technology in a naval school.

    12. Career 職業(n.)

    Millions ofmarried women want to have both career and family life.

    13. Delight 樂事; 樂趣 (n.)

    Baby Daniel walks to hisfather with great delight.

    14. Regain 恢復 (v.)

    Daveregained his luggage in yesterday’s late evening.15. Rescue 搭救; 援救 (v.)

    Luke wants to bea veterinarian, because he likes to rescue pets.

    16. Chest 胸膛 (n.)

    Everybody’s heart and lung are inside thechest.

    17. Sorrowful 傷心的 (adj.)

    Fortunately, thesevery sorrowful days didn’t defeat him at all.

    18. Guard 警衛 (n.)Our big boss hires 8 body guards for his only daughter’s safety.

    19. Childhood 幼年時期 (n.)Cindy childhood was endedcompletely by parents’ divorce.

    20. Mist 霧 (n.)Alex’s boat washidden by ocean mist in this early morning.

    2013-07-09 21:18:09 補充:

    在第3. 7. 9. 12. 14. 17. 19句中,各有一個兩字中間的空格不見了,會使句子不易看懂! SORRY!

    參考資料: myself after studied ESL for 14 months & lived in NYC for 4 years, Me