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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


1.I like to read___newspapers but also magazines.

(a)not only (b)both (c)either (d)neither

2.Now I am___the first grade in junior high school

(a)of (b)at (c)on (d)in

3.Diane spent two hours___the piano this afternoon.

(a)play (b)to play (c)playing (d)to playing

4.Lucy sat at the table,___some bread for breakfast.

(a)eaten (b)and eat (c)ate (d)eating

5.The police officer insisted that the driver___off the car.

(a)get (b)got (c)getting (d)to get

6.The baseball game was put off___it started to rain.

(a)though (b)as soon as (c)even (d)so

7.This novel___by an American writer in 1980.

(a)was written (b)writes (c)wrote (d)has written

8.We arrived___Kaohsing at seven o'clock in the afternoon.

(a)to (b)at (c)in (d)X

9.Either you or yoursister___come with me.

(a)have to (b)has to (c)is (d)are

10.The apartment in___I live is very old.

(a)where (b)that (c)who (d)which

11.Your book will be packaged and shipped___great care.

(a)as (b)in (c)with (d)on

12.My sister left a message for me,___I sould not give up my dream easily.

(a)said (b)say (c)saying (d)says

13.Don't ask Rita___this work for you. You should do it yourself.

(a)be done (b)so has (c)neither was (d)neither has

14.I' ve been to Japan twice, and___Nick.

(a)so did (b)so has (c)neither was (d)neither has

15.His interesting words made everone__.

(a)laughed (b)laugh (c)laughing (d)to laugh

16.The movie remind us___our happy times in Canada.

(a)to (b)at (c)during (d)of

17.The old lady makes money by___old papers on the street.

(a)collecting (b)being collected (c)collect (d)collected

18.The cloth feels___.

(a)soften (b)soft (c)softly (d)like soft

19.Don't stop Jack.Just let him____.

(a)going (b)go (c)to go (d)gone

以上問題,請告訴我這些題目的解答. 謝謝!!!

1 個解答

  • JEN
    Lv 5
    8 年前

    1. a

    2. d

    3. c

    4. d

    5. d

    6. b

    7. a

    8. c

    9. b

    10. a

    11. c

    12. c

    13. b

    14. b

    15. c

    16. d

    17. a

    18. b

    19. b

    參考資料: me