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哲民 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

請幫忙告訴我這主播跟球評是再說什麼 suzuki





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  • 7 年前

    轉播員: .... 滑得很漂亮,球被一朗接走,搞掉 Machado 的安打。 現在他把自己弄掉的草皮補回。

    球評: Nice catch by Ichiro. It's amazing that the concentration keeps his glove at the right level, and that's what he is supposed to do.


    轉播員有說一朗現在把他自己弄掉的草皮補回去,但球評說 he is supposed to do 是說一朗球技好,有漂亮的演出,球迷總是認為理所當然。 這句剛好畫面在彎腰時講,跟補草皮無關。

    2013-07-26 03:21:05 補充:

    Be fair, guys. I kept my mouth shut, too.

    You guys better go listen to the clip once again. Use a high-end sound-editing software to slow down the speed, and pay attention to the "IZ" sound right before "supposed"。

    2013-07-26 03:26:32 補充:

    One simple logic, if what Ichiro had done on the court was something " YOU are supposed to do", then it wouldn't be so "amazing", would it? Anybody is supposed to do that, according to your speculation!

    2013-07-26 06:36:43 補充:

    I am pretty sure you heard what you heard, and truthfully, I don't give a d*n what you think you have heard.

    I am not going to discuss with you. There's nothing to be discussed. I have presented my case. And, case closed!

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  • Joseph
    Lv 5
    7 年前



    我與意見欄二樓 Hagg 大師的看法略同。我也是聽到他說 "you",而不是 "he",所以指的不是鈴木一朗,而是談某件事。

    但 "that's what you're supposed to do" 是針對什麼卻是一個好問題。有可能是在說補回草地是應該的。但我覺得更有可能是談論接殺此球的技巧,也就是手套要保持在正確的高度。




    That is blooped to right. Nice sliding catch by Ichiro taking the hit away from Machado. And now he replaces his divot.

    右外野淺短低飛球。一朗漂亮的側滑接殺,奪去 Machado 的安打。現在他把草皮補回。


    Nice catch by Ichiro. It's amazing the concentration. Keeps the glove at the right level. And... That's what you're supposed to do.



    2013-07-26 00:52:59 補充:

    Thanks for the affirmation, Hagg. I didn't want to sway the vote, so I kept quiet till the end.

    2013-07-26 04:32:39 補充:

    LionEnglish, I'm pretty sure what I've heard. And have also confirmed it with others as well. Unfortunately, I do not possess any "high-end sound-editing software" as you have.

    Don't want to nitpick, but are you sure that's what you've heard?

    2013-07-26 04:36:25 補充:

    "It's amazing the concentration keeps his glove..." as a sentence is quite atypical to say the least. I've not really heard of anyone speaking this way before.

    2013-07-26 04:37:13 補充:

    correction: 'It's amazing THAT the concentration keeps"

    2013-07-26 04:37:30 補充:

    As the coentention piont around "you", it's a figure of speech. Not addressing to Ichiro per say, but as "if you were to do this", that's "what you're supposed to do".

    2013-07-26 04:40:46 補充:

    If you're like to discuss correctness, I'm all for it. I don't get on K+ as I don't see it as a game. I'm not always right, and if you can prove that I'll graciously accept.

    One last thing. It's "field", not "court".


    2013-07-30 04:07:39 補充:

    If you want impartial opinions, this should be proof enough;_ylt=Ak...

    In summary:

    1. The commentator said "you", not "he".

    2013-07-30 04:08:09 補充:

    2. The responders agree with the underlying message NOT being an expectation, but how it should be played. One even suggested that it could be a compliment.

    2013-07-30 04:08:31 補充:

    Spoken English, without strict grammar or structure, is not quite like the English you learned from school. Sports broadcast, for example, is so ad-hoc that understanding it requires a lot more practice.

    2013-07-30 04:08:56 補充:

    Therefore, when transcribing this kind of conversation, don't forcefully shoehorn it into sentences with some grammar rules. You could be completely missing the point.

    2013-07-30 04:09:10 補充:

    One more suggestion, please do not rely on your high-tech audio editing software. Train your ears and listen to it normally just like everyone else. You'd be improving your listening skill.

    參考資料: 自己所聽到的
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  • 匿名使用者
    7 年前

    Actually I heard "that's what YOU'RE supposed to do". Given the context, it would be a comment on etiquette: Replacing the divots is expected of the players.

    2013-07-24 02:22:14 補充:

    I had another look. And, you're right, 002. It is more probable that they were commenting on how it should be intercepted. The technique rather than replacing the divot.

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  • 7 年前


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