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育綺 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

英文題目---選擇題 5 題

1.Someone who feels awkward in front of an audience might

a.try out for the talent show

b.become an opera singer

c.join the debating team

d.avoid the drama club

2.If milk is rationed expect

a.a small serving of milk

b.all the milk you want milk at all

d.nothing at all to drink

3.To reserve a library book you

a.borrow a friend's copy

b.go to a bookstore

c.put your name on a list

d.make a photocopy of it

4.You would measure a trudge the cup the gallon the pound the mile

5.A gallant act on a cold day is throw snowballs zip up your jacket offer your gloves to a friend stay inside during recess

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  • 7 年前


    參考資料: me
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  • 7 年前

    你想要什麼? 只要答案? 還是想學習並了解? 我看這題目, 我就不想做題! 不知出題者目標何在? 若是我出題 我就直接問 - - -trudge何意? gallant act何意? - - - 如此教學只是事倍功半!

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  • 7 年前


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