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(很急)請英文高手幫我翻譯這小段自傳 謝謝(20點)





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  • 思瑋
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    7 年前


    I studied in Department of Navigation in National Penghu Marine and Fishery Vocational High School. At first I didn't know much about this department, but after the experience share and explanation form teachers who had worked on boats, I had a great interest in navigation. I decided to study more about navigation when I was a high school freshman.


    I represented the school to participate the National Marine Fishery Senior High Students Talent Contest. I attended these events: academic subject, knots and chart.


    I also did a part-time job in seafood contractors during the summer vacations. I learnt a lot and became more patient, circumspect and high anti-pressure under the work.


    I studied in Department of Transportation Science in National Taiwan Ocean University. Since I' m one of few professional high school students, I studied hard and graduated with a good grade.


    I had a internship in China Steel Express Corporation for half year when I was a senior. During the internship, I spent half a day to learn collision and how to use the nautical equipment, and half a day work on the deck. Not many young people can stand working in a hot day without salaries.

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    As for extracurricular activities, I joined the soft team and dragon boat team of our department. In the soft team we got the best grade recently in both extramural and intramural contests.

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    And in the dragon boat team, we participated the dragon boat race for social sciences major held by Keelung government and got good grade. It also makes me burly and brawny, and learnt the spirit of team cooperation, tacit understanding and responsibility.


    參考資料: 竟然爆字數=A=, 還在爆==
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  • 7 年前

    感謝大大!! Thank you very much!

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  • 7 年前

    I read the Penghu vocational maritime navigation Heiko, a beginning in this regard is also muddle through teacher worked on board commentary and experience sharing, began slowly to explore this area for sailing great interest and admiration, high moment it was decided to continue their studies in this direction. Middle School to represent the school in the National Maritime art contests, competitions have discipline, knots, nautical charts. Seafood processing plants also use the summer to work, which made me learn a lot of valuable experience, and therefore trained patience, careful and resistance to stress.

    College, successfully admitted to the National Taiwan Ocean University, Department of Transportation and Navigation Science, in the class I was a few college students, so I put more effort into good grades graduate. Steel Express seniors to intern for six months, half a day on the bridge during the internship learning collision avoidance and various navigational instruments, a half-day on the deck work, no pay work every day in the hot sun which is a lot of young people can not afford now. Extracurricular activities, I also participated in the department's softball team and the dragon boat team, softball outside the school's scores are the best in recent years, is to participate in dragon boat race Keelung social group, to get good results also let me trained Jingzhuang physique, learn from the spirit of teamwork, understanding and responsible for the heart.

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