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Year of the Tiger 內容 (Summary)

我最近讀了一本小說叫做 Year of the Tiger是作家 Alison Lloyd寫的

請問有沒有人可以告訴我, 大概的故事內容?


Does anyone know the noval Year of the tiger which is written by Alison Lloyd?

If you know can you please tell me what is it about?

thank you ver much!!

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  • chen
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    Year of the Tiger [summary ] 大概的故事內容? Year of the Tiger edited by Alison Lloyd

    [ 虎年, 2010 作者 Alison Lloyd ]Frankly speaking, I couldn’t enough understand

    . but I had made my efforts. Its story is told about two children. One is Hu who is a peasant boy.

    Hu's family has been performing for a living for years

    . and for money which their family has been tight.Another is Ren who is a commander’s son who help Hu out to

    . escape from poverty

    They show the difference in the life of the privileged and the poor. However, Hu and Ren,

    . they are very friendly, and do something else .When it comes to, the story is that

    . the Great Wall of China where is crumbled ,

    . China’'s enemies are gathering strength ,

    . and they are invaded for their ambition.

    Describing the children who were Hu and Ren

    that could get together and that was how brave,

    . they fought against the enemies

    . and protested their homelands. This was for 2010, the year of the tiger,. it’s pretty excited, About such a story.


    故事是講述了兩個孩子。一個是胡xx 他是農家小孩。胡的家人多年來一直為生活賺錢,他們的家庭過著很節儉。另一位是 任xx 他是幫 胡xx 擺脫貧困 的指揮官的兒子.

    顯示當時窮人地位 和特權階層 情境的差異生活。

    然而,胡 任 兩人,他們都非常友好,百事和合似兄弟 。

    談到 故事是這樣,中國的長城正在土崩瓦解邊緣,又有,

    . 敵人正在積蓄力量,他們野心想入侵中國.如是 描述 胡 ,任, 倆位孩子多麼勇敢.

    他們抗擊敵人,並保護自己的家園。 那該是, 虎年, 2010 ,是一個令人興奮的冒險故事.

    參考資料: 系統工程酒師的居酒屋 S H Chen.
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