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英文造句basic / complex / compound



1. make a beeline for......

2. in the neighborhood of......

3. catch one's eye

4. be short on


basic sentence, complex sentence, compound sentence

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  • 7 年前

    We went to a restaurant located in the neighborhood of Zhonghe。

    我們去中和附近的一家餐館。 (simple sentence)

    At arrival, the big sign of "Free Sample" caught our eyes.

    抵達時,大大的 「免費試吃」 告示吸引了我們的眼睛。 (simple sentence)

    We made a beeline for it, but many people had already got in line.

    我們一頭衝過去,但已經有很多人排隊了。 (compound sentence)

    Eventually we did not get any free food because they were short on it.

    最終我們並沒有吃到免費食物,因為他們準備不足。 (complex sentence)

  • 7 年前

    1. We should make a beeline for the car and rush to dinner.

    2. The shopping center is in the neighborhood of Hsintien.

    3. That beautiful pair of shoes caught my eye.

    4. The restaurant is short on water.

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