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請不要GOOGLE 我試過了 很慘 文法都錯 單字也錯!

大概意思就可以~謝謝你! 急需!!!


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  • 8 年前

    Statistics in many areas had already become a kind of thinking and dealing method. Along with the medical advances, if we adopt inadequate statistical methods may lead to distorting the actual results, thereby affecting the decision-making and waste too much resources. Therefore, this study aimed at medicine commonly used statistical methods (chi-square test of independence, chi-square test of homogeneity proportions, ANOVA analysis) to introduce the basic theory, explore every opportunity to use statistical methods and conditions in common EXCEL and SPSS statistical software package operation simulation data, in addition to and shareware R write simple programs with medical simulation data analysis to assist medical students can be easy to learn and use, to make it more focused on the field of medicine professional learning and applications. In this study, the skin simulation data as in case, for which different types of data selection the appropriate statistical analysis methods, in order to simulate data analysis results are presented.

  • 8 年前


    沒時間選擇~ 過時間了 拍謝拍謝!