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Most of outdoor culture ponds are fields with no-velocity fluid. During cold current every year, the heating efficiency of keeping-wart equipments we often used

is not high, which lead sflocks of fish to die of colder water temperature.There various methods of keeping-warm in culture ponds. In this study,the heat source is circular cylinder heating bar with constant rotating velocity which can be set by many ways of arrangement.







leads flocks of fish to...

There are various methods of keeping-warm...

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  • 8 年前


    Most of the outdoor culture ponds are still-water ponds. Due to the poor efficacy of the traditional heating facilities used, flocks of fish die of low water temperatue when cold currents invade in wintertimes. Various heating methods can be used

    in keeping culture pond water warm. In this study, cylindrical heating rods rotating at constant speed are used as heat sources. Then numerical simulation methods are used to determine optimal deployment schemes of the rods in ponds for achieving better heating effects.

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  • 8 年前

    cold current 寒流通常是指寒冷的海洋水流。

    而一個寒冷的空團則被稱為冷鋒 cold front。

    這裏,你可以形容為“寒冷的天氣 cold weather”。

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    Most outdoor pisciculture farms are filled with static water. During the cold seasons, many fish were frozen to death due to inefficient insulation and thermostatic facilities. This leads to a great economic loss suffered by the fish farming industry.

  • 8 年前

    Most of the outdoor culture ponds are fields with no-velocity fluid. During cold current period, most common cold facilities heating efficiency are poor additionally, which lead many fish frozen to death, occurring aquaculture industry caused significant economic losses. There are various types, in this study, a cylindrical heater as the heat source for a given a fixed speed, placed in different combinations of the flow field. Conduct calculation by numerical simulation, finds better heating effect of the cylindrical heating rod configuration.