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Since its start in 2004,Facebook has become one of the most popular websites on the lnternet . Over 40% of the US population and over 600 million users worldwide use facebook,and more people join every day . Also making news is Twitter . Less popular in Taiwan,Twitter is a ''micor-blogging'' website used to send very short messages - called ''tweets'' - to a list of followers . Twitter now posts more than 140 million tweets per day . And in March 2011,Twitter is celebrating only its fifth birthday . Even with so many people using them,these are only two of a huge number of similar websites including MySpace,Linkedln,and even based here in Taiwan


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Besides being a source of entertainment and information,social media are also tools that have changed the world . They have opened a whole new part of the economy,with new opportunities in business and high-tech products .

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Facebook and Twitter have also played huge roles in the recent changes in northern Africa and the Middle East . Starting in Tunisia in January,then spreading to Egypt in February,the people of each country came together to change their leaders and government .

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Now people from other countries in the Middle East also want change . News reported that in the past such changes in government took months or even years of planning . These recent changes happened in just a few weeks because people can communicate so quickly on the lnternet .

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Now many people are wondering : What changes are coming next ? We can only wait and watch.

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