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The movie is lush and beautiful, and the actors are well-chosen. You may recall Robert Pattinson (Edward) as Cedric Diggory, who on Voldemort's orders was murdered in a graveyard in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Maybe he was already a vampire. Pattinson is not unaware of how handsome he is. When Bella and Edward, still strangers, exchange stern and burning looks in the school cafeteria, he transfixes her with a dark and glowering - nay, penetrating - stare. I checked Pattinson out on Google Images and found he almost always glowers at the camera 'neath shadowed brow. Kristen Stewart's Bella, on the other hand, is a fresh-faced innocent who is totally undefended against his voltage.

Bella has left her mom and stepdad in hot Arizona, clutching a potted cactus, to come live in the clammy, rainy Pacific Northwest, home of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Her dad (Billy Burke) is the chief of police of the very small town of Forks, Washington (pop. 3,120). His greatest asset: "He doesn't hover." At high school, she quickly notices the preternaturally pale Cullen clan, who in some shots seem to be wearing as much Max Factor Pancake White as Harry Langdon. Edward is 114 years old. He must be really tired of taking biology class. Darwin came in during his watch, and proved vampires can't exist.


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    這部電影是鬱鬱蔥蔥,美麗的,和演員精心挑選的。您可能還記得羅伯特·帕丁森(愛德華),塞德里克·迪戈里,誰對伏地魔的訂單被殺害在一個墓地在“哈利·波特與火焰杯”。也許他已經是一個吸血鬼。帕丁森不知道他是多麼英俊。當貝拉和愛德華,還是陌生人,交換船尾和燃燒看起來在學校食堂,他transfixes她與一個黑暗和憂鬱 - 不,入木三分 - 盯著。我檢查帕丁森在谷歌圖片,發現他幾乎總是glowers相機的照耀下的陰影眉頭。克里斯汀·斯圖爾特的貝拉,另一方面,是誰對他的電壓是完全不設防一個新鮮面孔無辜的。


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    這家韓國美瞳隱眼廠商不錯喔~~款式有幾百款可以選 而且他們家的“黑莓傳說"帶起來超讃的,我同學和朋友都有在跟她拿耶~價格超低,服務和品質都超讃的!!


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