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請問「開拓」經銷商和代理商的「開拓」,動詞是用develop嗎? 還是應該用以下其中一個動詞?




4. 其他



During this exhibition, they successfully developed over twenty dealers and agents.





有沒有比較謙虛一點的字啊?因為台灣的設計師品牌,目前還處於辛苦地拓展海外市場的階段,地位不向名牌那麼高。也就是說,是new designer brands,不是well-established brands啦。

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  • 7 年前

    I would suggest to use:


    This word has many different meanings (negative and positive). However, I use it for this meaning:

    To employ to the greatest possible advantage.

    for example: exploit one's telants.

    Open up and develop

    This phrase can translate both "開" and "拓", for example:

    Korean-made cars have opened up and developed the US market.

    Break new ground

    This phrase only translate "拓", whether they have developed it is unknown. I list it here, because in the Chinese statement, it doesn't indicate development either. For example

    They were breaking new ground in consumer electronics.

    Your own takes: develop, garner and get; as I have mentioned, "develop" emphasizes "拓". "garner and get" are just for obtaining, they doesn't indicate any "effort".

    Master LionEnglish's suggestion "sign up" is very commonly used in this kind of commercial exhibition. After all, using "開拓" is not proper at the first place, it is better to use "簽約" (sign up), because, how can they talk about DEVELOPMENT, it is just at the beginning of the business venture.

    2013-08-05 00:38:14 補充:

    master AP, I wonder why you would use "appoint"? To me, as an exhibitor, do you really have the POWER to appoint distributor or agencyship, unless you represent company like Apple!

    2013-08-05 02:53:06 補充:

    sorry, I copy the wrong word for

    This phrase only translate "拓" whether they ..., it shall be

    This phrase only translate "開" whether they ...

    2013-08-05 02:58:15 補充:

    Citron! AP has given you the answer, it is up to you to choose which one is more suitable for your case. To me, I would choose "secure", without knowing the detail. "secure" is similar to "sign up".

    2013-08-05 02:59:26 補充:

    I feel, in your translation for this case, you shall use "sign up" or "secure" to make it more realistic, even though the Chinese version uses "開拓".

    2013-08-05 03:02:39 補充:

    Using "affiliate" can dwarf or belittle (矮化) one's own company.

    2013-08-05 03:07:34 補充:

    It is like you want Taiwan to be affiliated with China, or China to be affiliated with Taiwan?

    That is, generally speaking, "affiliate" is only used when companies have parent and subsidiary relationship.

    2013-08-05 03:13:09 補充:

    I agree about 銀角大王's comment about "exploit". Unless you are very sure that there will be NO chance to misunderstand, otherwise, avoid using "exploit". After all, to most people, it is the negative meaning of it will come up to their mind FIRST when they see this word.

    2013-08-05 12:41:33 補充:

    Look like Citron has partiality towards AP !

  • 7 年前


    怎麼都沒人提出 expand the sales channels 呢?我以為這是最直接的「開拓市場」的講法。希望也適用在 fashion industry 吧。^_^

    2013-08-10 15:01:13 補充:


    或是 expand the distribution channels ,會更切題吧!

  • Shuang
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    is " expansion " is correct, since you expand your market and stores, right?

    參考資料: me
  • 7 年前

    Don't use "exploit" -- it carries very negative connotation, like exploiting laborers in sweat shops.

    I suggest "affiliate" or "affiliate themselves with".

    2013-08-05 03:05:10 補充:

    X affiliated Y; X was affiliated with Y

    X affiliated himself with Y

    Never use "X affiliated with Y"

    2013-08-05 03:06:35 補充:

    X affiliated Y; => X on the upper hand

    X affiliated himself with Y => Y on the upper hand

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    Prisoner 26525:


    2013-08-05 02:49:53 補充:




    During this exhibition, they successfully affiliated with more than twenty dealers and agents.

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  • 7 年前

    In addition, you may want to know:

    1. appoint

    2. secure

    3. procure

    4. enlist

    5. hire

    6. or even place

    For your emerging designer brand name, "secure" might be the best for your situation. For royalty, I would only do "appoint".

    2013-08-05 01:39:48 補充:

    Just because I am an American princess, I cannot do nothing but appoint.

    It's like when I am flying commercial, I must fly first. It is a royalty obligation, dude.

    2013-08-05 01:47:57 補充:

    As I said in prior posts, each has subtle differences.

    1. appoint - as you said, suggests stronger hand at the our side.

    2. suggest mutual commitments

    3. obtained with care

    4. voluntary effort from the other side

    2013-08-05 01:49:52 補充:

    5. effort for $

    6. place - fit into rightful position

    too busy today to write more. Feel it, dude.

    I think Orange dude will have hard time on this.

    2013-08-05 01:57:18 補充:

    2b fair, exploit is too negative to say it out loud.

    No business women will admit that she exploited certain biz leads.

    Sign up, recruit, appoint, secure ... each gives different tastes and the orange dude needs to FEEL them and EXPLOIT each when the right situation arises.

    2013-08-05 01:59:40 補充:

    And for this particular post, do I need to tell the Orange dude whose the best is?

    Dude, have your red carpet ready for the royalty!

    2013-08-05 10:04:30 補充:

    Orange is burning midnight oil and feel happy about it.

    That is good enough for sure.

    2013-08-05 14:40:15 補充:

    But it has been hot air up to now. Dude, all I am asking is $20 cold cash. Is it too much for a royalty to ask for?

    2013-08-05 15:46:59 補充:

    >> 昨天晚上我比預期的進度更早把工作做完了,覺得很高興。今天早上喝咖啡的時候,一直在想:咦,我的英文在YK+英文版眾大師的調教之下,好像有進步耶。

    Sure - she who works till 3AM Monday morning and feels happy about it is either crazy or divorced.

    Can I talk to your hubby? Do we have a mad orange running loose?

    2013-08-05 15:52:07 補充:

    >> 今天沒睡,但多學到好多字和用法。值得啦!

    Nothing is more important to girls than being beautiful. Staying up all night long is bad for your beautifulness. Please do not talk to me until you are beautiful again.

  • 7 年前

    那就用 sign up 就好了。 「簽了二十家以上經銷、代理商」。 招到代理商用 sign up 是很普遍的。

    .... they successfully signed up more than 20 dealers and agents

  • 7 年前

    純就這個句子,我會用 recruited.


    2. (tr) to enroll or obtain (members, support, etc.)

    3. to furnish or be furnished with a fresh supply; renew

    開拓/招收 連鎖店的常用語:

    recruit franchises

    2013-08-05 15:38:20 補充:

    我覺得你的句意蠻複雜的。開拓是開疆闢土,闖進大陸市場。那就 recruited

    但是同時卻又尋求[人家的青睞], 多少有仰人鼻息的味道。那就 they became affiliated with over twenty dealers and agents.


    they successfully built business relationships with over twenty dealers and agents

    (built 帶有建立拓展的味道)